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Mr. Jacques Tizabi
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Universal Detection Technology Thank you for joining us today, Jacques. Please tell us about your background and give us a brief company history.

Jacques Tizabi: I joined the company in 2001, and I was responsible for moving the company into detecting biological agents such as anthrax and ricin. This was in the wake of the post 9/11 anthrax mailings. Since then we have expanded into the detection of chemical, radiological, and nuclear threats and run the complete CBRN spectrum. We serve both the security/defense markets as well as non-terrorism related markets such as the radiological fallout in Japan, following the recent natural disaster. One will read on that, “As the threat of bioterrorism increases worldwide, Universal Detection Technology is committed to providing the latest research and development that improves early-warning monitoring technologies and counter-terrorism training programs to protect people from bioterrorism and other infectious health threats.” Please give us an overview of the solutions that UNDT brings to the CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) market.

Jacques Tizabi: Our offerings are mainly designed for first responders and security personnel. They consist of handheld kits for rapid onsite detection of a variety of biological agents, handheld chemical detectors, and a wide range of radiation detection devices. What are your target markets and what is your perspective on the market drivers for UNDT solutions at this challenging economic time?

Jacques Tizabi: Our target markets are primarily governments , federal, state , and municipal. Really anyone from the Army, to your local Fire/Hazmat team, and in some cases law enforcement. We do also serve private customers and security firms. We read with great interest regarding the recent order from a Japanese telecommunications company for radiation detection equipment. Care to elaborate?

Jacques Tizabi: In the wake of the earthquake in Japan, we took a very proactive stance. We immediately made our products available, and have continued our efforts. We have local reps in Japan, and have many of our information translated into Japanese. In fact, we will be exhibiting at Riscon in Tokyo in October. We did receive, and have now fulfilled an order for a variety of different Radiation Detection devices, both Dosimeters and Survey Meters. While it is a nice customer to have, we withheld their name for confidentiality purposes. We also see that UNDT recently won a tender for Biological Weapon Detection Equipment from the Singapore Civil Defense Force. Congratulations on this “win”. Can you tell us more?

Jacques Tizabi:  Yes. We have worked very hard to establish our international presence. The Civil Defense Force had put out a tender for detection of a specific Biological Weapon. We entered the tender through our local representative and were successful. Any other “wins” or success stories you’d like to talk about?

Jacques Tizabi: As I mentioned above, we have supplied our detection equipment to some of the most widely recognized government agencies around. We’ve supplied the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force and the DHS with our solutions. Recently, we’ve been able to supply those affected by the nuclear incident in Japan on an efficient and timely basis, which we consider a big win. This situation is different because we know our products are having an effect in response to an actual disaster. What resources are available for customers on ?

Jacques Tizabi: At our website viewers can come, review and place orders for products. Visitors can learn more about CBRN threats and how our detection solutions can help mitigate and/or prevent the consequences of those threats. We can also be contacted directly through email at or Are Universal Detection products available to Government buyers on a GSA Schedule?

Jacques Tizabi: Yes they are. They are also listed in various First Responder Databases as well as military databases. What about international markets? Can you give us some color regarding your distribution network?

Jacques Tizabi: We have approached this country by country. We have taken great pains to develop personal relationships with local representatives in countries in Europe, Asia, and South America. Every country is different as far as who the purchasing agencies are so having a customized approach for each region is very important. Revenue appears to be on this rise and congratulations on the recent announcement regarding record revenue growth in 2Q 2011. How does the balance of 2011 look and what lies ahead in 2012.

Jacques Tizabi: Well, we already know that the current quarter will surpass the previous quarter. Obviously, I can't say much beyond that at this point.