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Mr. Roger Little
Chief Executive Officer
Spire Corporation
Nasdaq: SPIR Thank you for joining us today, Roger. Please give us an overview of your background and a brief company history.

Roger Little: I founded the company in 1969 not long after I graduated from MIT. Initially Spire developed solar cells for satellites. When the oil embargo of the late 70’s occurred, we worked to bring solar down to earth. We began by manufacturing PV modules but because so many large corporations had entered the business, we directed ourselves to making the equipment that makes the modules. Since then we have focused on providing leading edge module manufacturing equipment and turnkey manufacturing lines. Today we have over 200 customers in 50 countries worldwide. We understand you’ll be speaking at the upcoming Intertech Photovoltaics Conference. May we have an overview of the main topics you’ll be discussing?

Roger Little: I will address the state of the industry especially in regard to crystalline silicon technology. I will discuss the coming supply of large quantities of polysilicon and the effect this supply will have upon module cost reduction. Lower cost modules will stimulate further market growth that will then only be limited by the availability of manufacturing equipment. Please give us an overview of Spire solutions and your value proposition.

Roger Little: Spire provides turnkey manufacturing lines to allow rapid scale up of production in response to market growth. What you’re your target markets and what is your perspective on the market drivers for Spire solutions at this time?
Roger Little: We target two aspects of the market, turnkey factories for new companies entering the business and building block line expansion increments for growing manufacturers. Are there one of two “wins” or success stories you’d like to talk about?

Roger Little: We are manufacturing one of the most advanced module manufacturing lines in the world. This is a 50 megawatt per year factory which employs robots and is completely automated. This is a prototype for our future building block production lines. It is to be provided to a customer in Europe and is expected to be totally operational in the fall. Thanks again for joining us today, Roger, Are there any success stories you’d like to talk about?

Roger Little: I would only like to add that as one of the first corporations in the solar business we are excited with the growth of the industry and its future prospects. There is no stopping it now.