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Nortel Networks

Pat Patterson
Global Enterprise Security Solutions Marketing
Nortel Networks (NYSE: NT) Pat, please give us an overview of your background and your role at Nortel.

Pat Patterson: I am currently responsible for Nortel’s Global Enterprise Security Solutions marketing efforts. I have spent 14 years in the hi-tech and telecommunications industries. Prior to my current position, I have held various positions in Nortel ranging from marketing and business development, to product development and operations. I have also worked with the Nortel enterprise security portfolio, layer 4-7 switching portfolio, hosting solutions and broadband video networks. Early on in my career I led the development of the first Nortel firewall appliance. Prior to working at Nortel, I started my career at IBM and founded a national wholesale secure application service provider. On the education front, I have a BS in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University, and received my MBA and Juris Doctorate degrees from the University of North Carolina. "Layered Defense" is a term used by Nortel to describe our approach to security solution architectures. This approach layers security throughout the network and ensures there are no single points of security failure. Please give us an overview of Nortel's security solutions.

Pat Patterson: Nortel takes a systemic view of security to ensure that all aspects of your environment are secured. As described in the Nortel Unified Security Framework, in order for networks to be fully secured, a network security program must encompass the people using the network, the processes that govern network use and the technology used to enforce the security. Specifically the technology must be multi-layer, end-to-end, and vendor-partner neutral. We call this a “Layered Defense.”

Nortel understands that only a holistic approach to network security can be truly successful. It’s not just about securing a box, a system or an application, it’s about securing the entire network, end-to-end. Security must be considered up front and designed into the network from the very beginning. A layered security strategy protects the enterprise network at all points of potential attack. At the core of Nortel's commitment to security is what we call the Layered Defense approach and it consists of 4 key solution areas, namely:

• End Point Security
• Secure Communications
• Secure Perimeters
• Core Network Security

Nortel has comprehensive solutions in each of these areas, as well as specific application security solutions for high-flying issues such as IP Telephony and Wi-Fi.

A few of the components of Nortel's Enterprise security solutions portfolio include:

• VPN Routers – Provide dynamic routing services over encrypted VPN tunnels, mix-and-match IP services (routing, VPN, firewall and advanced services) and common provisioning, all on a single platform.
• VPN Gateways – Dedicated remote access VPN security solution that offers a new level of deployment flexibility and end-user support by incorporating both SSL and IPSec VPN services, SSL Acceleration, and endpoint security on a single gateway.
• Threat Protection System – Detects known threats, enables intrusion prevention, and helps security professionals keep up-to-date on new threats and vulnerabilities.
• Switched Firewalls – Offers perimeter protection with the added support for VoIP and multimedia protocols to ensure both data and IP telephony traffic is appropriately monitored.
• Application Switches – Enable application optimization, delivery, security and high availability.
• Ethernet Switches – Enables end point security with 802.1x support, wirespeed filtering, sophisticated application layer security, embedded firewall, and Gigabit Ethernet performance and quality of service (QoS) for campus and building backbones, routing, or MAN connectivity.
• Optivity Policy Services –Allows administrators to manage network bandwidth, prioritize traffic streams, and set network access policies. What about Nortel's work with Homeland Security at the federal and state, local level?

Pat Patterson: The National Strategy for Homeland Security and the Homeland Security Act of 2002 served to mobilize and organize our nation to secure the homeland from terrorist attacks. This complex mission requires a focused effort from our entire society if we are to be successful. Moreover, all terrorist incidents, natural disasters or other emergencies begin as a local action. Accordingly, state and local government programs play a critical role in the national response with the Federal Government. Nortel is keenly aware of this daunting task and has developed a set of solutions that align with the strategic goals of homeland security in the areas of Prevention, Response and Recovery.

To prevent, detect, deter and mitigate threats regardless of source, Nortel offers its secure government infrastructure, government cyber security and IP video surveillance solutions. To respond and reduce vulnerability to attacks, Nortel offers it Government Collaboration and Mobility Solutions that improve government communication networks to support interoperability security, and high availability. Finally, to recover from attacks and minimize the damage, Nortel offers business continuity, disaster recovery, and high availability and IP survivability solutions to governments. Each solution is based on Nortel's proven and award winning Enterprise and Carrier technology portfolios. The solutions can be deployed on an individual agency basis or as part of a multi-solution government strategy.

Nortel's role in providing solutions that address the challenges and requirements to protect the homeland are grounded in these principals:
• Securing government networks and enabling secure information sharing between and among agencies,
• Providing interoperable communications and collaboration solutions for real time decision support,
• Enabling emergency preparedness at all government levels,
• Protecting government information, critical infrastructure and key assets; and
• Enabling the continuity of government service delivery in the event of an incident. Nortel recently announced a strategic relationship with Symantec. Please give our audience an overview of this deal, and Nortel's other strategic security partner relationships with these significant industry players: Checkpoint, Microsoft, RSA, and Sygate.

Pat Patterson: Nortel and Symantec are combining their industry-leading expertise in high-performance networks and information security to establish a strategic relationship intended to provide next generation solutions for seamless defense against a wide variety of threats from the core of the network through the desktop. Through this relationship, Symantec and Nortel want to make it possible for service providers and enterprises to eliminate specific threats before they have the opportunity to spread.

The first initiative with Symantec is a high-performance security engine which combines the power of Nortel's hardware-accelerated deep-packet inspection with Symantec's expertise in countering global threats. Such a prototype can address the most dangerous attacks within a high-speed, switched-network before they can reach the servers. Based on Nortel's industry-leading application switch portfolio, this prototype tracks and stops threats using signatures updated in near real-time by Symantec's LiveUpdate technology. Leveraging Symantec’s Security Response Team, which has real-time tracking of new threats, the device will be able to respond in near-real-time to new threats, providing Service Providers and Enterprises with a much more dynamic response to threats.

Nortel has an open security solution philosophy. In keeping with this, Nortel has a strong Developer Partner Program for Security that has fostered the growth of a community of leading security vendors to ensure comprehensive solutions are available for our customers. For example, Nortel works closely with Checkpoint in providing our high performance Nortel Switched Firewall that accelerates traditional Checkpoint firewall technology. Nortel works with Sygate to provide complete LAN based endpoint security and RSA for identity management solutions. In terms of other strategic security relationships, Nortel has teamed with Microsoft to support Microsoft’s Network Access Protection (NAP), an extensible standards-based technology that enables users to more securely access their corporate networks and reduce the complexity of network access for IT administrators. Are there any recent success stories you would like to talk about?

Given Nortel’s broad portfolio of security solutions, there are many to choose from. In the healthcare sector for example, Promedica Health System is an organization with over 8,000 users, spanning 23 counties across two states and has been twice named one of the top 100 “most wired” healthcare systems, according to a Hospitals and Health Networks survey. Promedica uses our application-layer security solutions to protect their network by stopping application security attacks at the network perimeter. They also leverage the solution to manage peer-to-peer traffic. This solution took their average Internet utilization from close to 100 percent down to an average of 20 percent, significantly increasing application performance while reducing user complaints.

In addition, St. Luke’s Hospital uses Nortel’s secure communications solution to ensure its doctors and healthcare staff is able to get secure remote access to critical patient information regardless of how or where they access the hospital network. This ability to rapidly share knowledge, securely, in real-time helps St. Luke's improve patient care, meet regulatory security requirements, and lower the cost and complexity of providing remote access. The Nortel solution offers the flexibility of having both IPsec and SSL VPN capabilities on a common platform which is not only convenient, but is an absolute requirement to support St Luke’s mixed user population, various locations and wide range of application access requirements.

Stepping out of the healthcare sector, Coca-Cola Icecek (CCI), a local bottling partner of the Coca-Cola Company in Turkey, chose a secure communication and perimeter security solution from Nortel to secure and connect 90 dealers and many mobile users in Turkey to their automated sales and distribution system. The solution provides firewall, VPN, bandwidth management, encryption, authentication and data integrity for secure connectivity across CCI’s managed IP network and the Internet. Pat, many thanks for your time today. Are there any closing comments you would like to make?

While Nortel may not be known in the market as a “security” company, we have a 100 year heritage of deploying secure reliable communications systems and networks. Nortel has made secure connectivity available to more than 100 million users worldwide, is the only vendor certified as an end-to-end provider of convergence solutions for the U.S. Defense Switched Network, and has a comprehensive security portfolio that is second to none.

Nortel is focused on helping enterprises and government organizations control critical business processes by building standards-compliant, open security solutions that integrate into today's IT environment and adapt to tomorrow's security threats. Nortel solutions are designed to protect multimedia communications and ensure user quality of experience, while actively responding to even unforeseen security threats. We do this by building resiliency and adaptability into every solution and network plan. In line with our Layered Defense approach, the Nortel "security in the DNA" design philosophy protects the network at every touch point by building security measures into every new product, solution and network blueprint.

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