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Mr. Steve Dentinger
Director of Sales and Marketing
Keyscan Access Control Systems Thank you for joining us today, Steve. Please give us an overview of your background and a brief company history.

Steve Dentinger: Thank you, it is my pleasure. I have been in the electronics industry for over 17 years. I was first introduced to the world of security early in my career through a major account sales role with a security distributor managing accounts such as ADT and Chubb. I had left the security industry for a period of time working for General Electric expanding my technology and business skill sets. As they say once you're in the security fraternity you never truly leave and this holds true for me as I returned to the industry with Keyscan Access Control Systems. I have been driving Keyscan's marketing and new product development efforts for 6 years.

Keyscan is a privately held organization focused on access control hardware and software development and manufacturing. With over 25 years dedicated to access control, Keyscan has established itself as a one of the premier access control brands on the market today. Keyscan is renowned as having the best in class sales & technical support services group in the industry.

Keyscan products are used throughout the world securing; embassies, military bases, hospitals, power generating facilities, automobile dealerships, banks, schools, multi-national organizations, retail establishments as well as small and medium sized businesses. One will read on that "The mission at Keyscan has always been to engineer and market the best in access control systems and offer unsurpassed customer service and technical support within the security industry." Please give us an overview of the access control solutions Keyscan brings to market.

Steve Dentinger: Keyscan bases its access control solution on a single software platform. One Access control management software bridges the gap from small system to extremely large systems with several buildings. Integrators only need to familiarize themselves with one software package, regardless of the client size or complexity of the access project. This enables integrators to focus on new sales without the complication of learning a multitude of software packages.

From an access control hardware standpoint, our lineup of access control units range from a 2 door. 4 door, 8 door access control units as well as our single cab and dual cab elevator floor access control units. These powerful controllers may be mixed and matched to configure a system as few as a couple doors to several hundreds of secured doors. Our distributed processing methodology maximizes system efficiency and provides the utmost in system reliability and future expansion capability.

Recently, we have added a new addition to the Keyscan family of controllers, our all new single door PoE equipped access control unit. This new addition promises to add even more system design and installation flexibility and is extremely well suited , just as our other access control units, to the latest in recurring monthly revenue generation with access control. We understand that Keyscan has recently introduced Hosted Services which delivers recurring monthly revenue. Care to elaborate on how this will benefit integrators especially in this challenging economic environment.

Steve Dentinger: Keyscan introduced our Centrally Managed Access Control (CMAC) offering close to 2 years ago. This endeavor has proven to be very beneficial to both Keyscan as well as its integrators. Integrators enjoy the new found recurring revenue stream that centrally managed access control offers and many of these early adopters are now taking advantage of the growing end-user acceptance of the software as a Service (Saas) proposition.

The fundamental barrier to entry for many integrators interested in the CMAC offering was the up front costs of implementing their own server infrastructure and the obvious maintenance required. Whether it be the up front cost, maintenance, limited IT staff or simply the hassle of managing their own hosts, many, although enamored with the recurring revenue, have shied away form CMAC.

Keyscan had observed this barrier to entry for many integrators and as a direct response, recently implemented our own hosting offering, Keyscan Hosted Services (KHS). Now, with KHS, Integrators can get started immediately with CMAC and begin driving recurring revenue with access control. No longer do they require a detailed business plan to justify the expenditure for their own host infrastructure. Best of all once they refine their sales strategy and gain momentum with CMAC they can at anytime choose to implement their own host. Keyscan will gladly assist them in migrating their KHS hosted CMAC accounts to their host.

While KHS is very aggressive with its per reader per month rates, on average in the six dollar range, we recognize that many integrators once they establish their CMAC proof of concept will indeed wish to perform their own hosting and reap the maximum recurring revenue stream.
This may seem counterintuitive, however, it is our intention is to enable integrators so they may begin benefiting from the wide scale end-user acceptance of CMAC and in turn begin building intrinsic value to their business. In the end there is tremendous upside for both Keyscan and Integrators.

Many end-users are guarding their capital expenditures and with staffing levels at an all time low employers are seeking ways to optimize staff productivity and stay focused on the core competencies of the business. Centrally Managed Access Control addresses may of the concerns of business owners today; they don't need an access control administrator, they don't need an onsite computer, they don't need to manage/maintain the access control database, they don't need to perform software updates, all this and if they desire, they can lock/unlock doors, run reports, add or delete access permissions all via an internet connection using their smartphone, iPad, or laptop without any special software.

The advantages of CMAC in our changing business world truly resonate with business owners and we are observing a transition from the early adopter stage to the mass adoption stage. It is an exciting time for access control and as such we are very excited to begin offering this type of hosting service and expect significant growth and adoption rates in the near term. Are there any other "new" products and/or services you would like to discuss?

Steve Dentinger: In addition to our launch of Keyscan Hosted Services (KHS) Keyscan has recently introduced our all new single door access control unit, the CA150. This access control unit embraces PoE technology in a single door format while offering all the capability and capacity as its larger siblings. Now more than ever Keyscan offers a true end to end solution for access control installations of any size and complexity. We like to say Keyscan makes access control even more accessible!  Congratulations on The Keyscan video - well done! What really caught our eye is that Keyscan processes over 25 million transactions a day! That is truly impressive! What are your key target markets and what is your perspective on the market drivers for Keyscan solutions?

Steve Dentinger: With over 25 years of access control experience, Keyscan products are actively used in a wide spectrum of markets; embassies, military bases, hospitals, power generating facilities, automobile dealerships, banks, schools, multi-national organizations, retail establishments as well as small and medium sized businesses. Our product is designed in such a way that we combine both ease of deployment and system design while also providing the high octane features a capabilities to satisfy the most challenging and complex access control system installations. By remaining focused on this One Solution approach we successfully cross the entire vertical market spectrum for access control. Couple this with an unwavering commitment to quality and customer care and this in our view forms the foundation that has built and continues to enhance the Keyscan brand. What resources and support are available for end-users and the trade at ?

Steve Dentinger: We continue to evaluate our website to ensure that it is both impactful and resource rich to meet the needs of existing and prospective clients. In fact we have just recently redesigned our website.

The new website includes a great deal of information on Keyscan including interesting case studies and testimonials that will appeal to end-users looking for a robust access control solution. The website also includes detailed information on our entire lineup of products and solutions. We have also added enhanced multi-media content that includes system design whitepapers and on demand videos that feature some of our foremost system/solution experts. Also new is an interactive Map that allows individuals to find their closest Keyscan resource. 

As with any website it is a constant evolution, and we continually evaluate the needs of end-users and integrators to ensure our website provides the targeted information that they require to make informed access control decisions. Thanks again for joining us today, Steve. Are there any other subjects you would like to discuss?

Steve Dentinger: Thank you for the opportunity to discuss Keyscan Access Control Systems. We are extremely excited about the additions of our new single door access control unit and Keyscan Hosted Services. Based on the response from the tradeshow circuit, it is evident that we have effectively addressed significant barriers in the access control market.

Keyscan is serious about access control. We provide industry with access control solutions that meet the real world challenges of today.
I encourage anyone interested in access control to visit our website or contact us directly at 1.888.539.7226.