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Mr. Stefan Koopman
Managing Director
ASD Media Thank you for joining us today, Stefan. Please give us an overview of your background and a brief company history.

Stefan Koopman: The web portal ASD-Network ( first saw daylight in 2003, created by the current owners and managers of ASD Media: Jol Hoeve, Hans Dijkstra and myself. Jol and myself have an aeronautical engineering background, while Hans is the designer and IT specialist. The combination of market and web design knowledge has proven to be very successful. ASD-Network nowadays brings aerospace and defense business news on a daily basis to around 100,000 subscribers globally, the largest dedicated news provider in this market on the web. ASD Media's vision is to provide business knowledge to the ASD market in order for companies and governments to fully understand this complex market, it's new technologies and future demands. Since 2003 ASD-Network has been extended with 4 other web portals: ASDEvents; ASDWire; ASDReports and ASDSource. Please give us an overview of the products and services offered by ASD Media.

Stefan Koopman: ASD Media brings information, knowledge and opportunities to network, in fact all that is needed for business developers and top level managers. brings aerospace & defense business news on a daily basis, mainly focused on contract announcements and new technologies in the market. provides a company database with over 10,000 companies active in the ASD market with easy search tools and contact possibilities. Listing is free, to increase visibility advertisement possibilities are available. is a news wire for press release announcements dedicated to the ASD market. ASDWire reaches over 5,000 editors and journalists that are active in the ASD market, the ideal way for ASD companies to inform the market on their new developments and contract announcements to increase market visibility. provides information on conferences and exhibitions in the ASD market that form excellent opportunities to network and gather information on the latest technologies. Search tools, full information and easy online registration for over 300 events yearly. provides market and technology reports on the ASD market. Reports are categorized, easy to be searched on keywords and can be purchased directly online. Regarding ASD-Network (, it seems to be one of the largest databases we've seen regarding research reports for the ASD (aerospace, security, defense) industries. What types of reports are available and who, for example, are your customers?

Stefan Koopman: You are right, we are looking at the market differently, we focus on the market column ASD. Our goal is to bring the right information to the right people. All large and small companies and governments in the market are our customers and buy reports to gain insight in the market and the future, examples are the European Commission, Lockheed Martin, CAE, EADS, L3 and many more… Please tell us more about . Here, too, you seem to have one of the most comprehensive calendars of upcoming aerospace, security, defense conferences, trade shows and special events.

Stefan Koopman: Right again. The advantage of ASDEvents is that you get an overview of all events in the market, easy to search and compare, and to register online. The events we list belong to the most recognised in the industry with high level speakers. Besides the latest information on ASD topics these events are excellent opportunities to meet existing and new business relations and customers. Let's turn to your news distribution services for a moment. Who do you reach with ASDWire ? What is your value proposition? Would it be fair to say that you seem to have a more highly targeted aerospace, security, defense audience than even PRNewswire and BusinessWire?

Stefan Koopman: Press releases are sometimes an unwanted must, to inform shareholders and others equally and simultaneously. ASDWire is focused on increasing visibility, informing the media, creating free exposure by means of editorials in well respected magazines and on online news portals in the market. It happens so often that companies have great news to tell, have taken the effort to write a good press release about it but are not able to take the last and most important step; distribute the news to the right people. ASDWire is the dedicated news distributer for the ASD market reaching over 5,000 media contacts all over the world. Stefan, are there any other ASD products or services you'd like to mention?

Stefan Koopman: Besides the services already mentioned our website has a large user and visitor base which is of interest to companies that would like to strengthen their brand by online advertisements.
As someone who specializes in tracking developments in the worldwide aerospace, security and defense market, what is your perspective on the market drivers for these industries at this time? How has the worldwide financial crisis affected prospects for market growth in this space?

Stefan Koopman: The ASD market is a non-cyclic conservative market, however, high tech developments are changing the battle field, heavy equipment is replaced by flexible light equipment with total awareness capabilities. I don’t expect that the financial crises will impact the defense expenditure in the short term, but the commercial aerospace industry might, like the car industry is already experiencing. It's all about information and knowing where to pay attention to, companies that make the right decisions will always stay successful and we as ASD Media are thereto help them do so. Thanks again for joining us today, Stefan, are there any other subjects you'd like to discuss?

Stefan Koopman: No, just want to say thanks to you for this opportunity.