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Secured eMail

In the Boardroom With…
Peter Davin
CEO & Co-Founder
Secured eMail Thank you for joining us today, Peter. You’ve had interesting experience with several companies in the software and communication fields and serve on several Boards. Please give our audience an overview of your background.

Peter Davin: I have over 30 years of experience in running companies both in Sweden and abroad. I have worked mainly in marketing and sales in the software and communications field. Today I am on the board of several companies in Europe. Furthermore I am the CEO of Secured eMail. I have an MBA from Penn State University (USA) and a BA from the University of Gothenburg (Sweden). Secured eMail offers a range of strong encryption products to protect emails and attachments for all end-users; individuals, small and medium-sized businesses and large enterprises. Without divulging any confidential or sensitive information, please give us an overview of the Company’s core technology?

Peter Davin: Secured eMail developed an innovative new solution that combines three powerful encryption technologies with a unique patented “secure channel” architecture between sender and recipient that bypasses vulnerabilities inherent in servers, gateways, and the Internet. Secured eMail® uses a combination of AES™ (Advanced Encryption Standard), the Secured eMail System SKG and SHA-1 algorithms to provide the highest level of secure email communication. These three factors together ensure that the email will be 100% secure from sender to receiver. To enhance email security dramatically, Secured eMail creates/generates a unique key between sender and recipient for every new email sent in what is referred to as one-time dynamic keys. The patented System SKG™ generates 160-bit symmetric and dynamic one-time keys with the assistance of the Sha-1 algorithm.  The email is then encrypted with the well-known AES256 algorithm which extends the size of the keys to 256 bit.  The result is a message that can only be read by authorized parties. The complex technology is hidden for the user; the system boasts a transparent user interface that doesn’t change the user’s current mailing behavior or infrastructure.  Is the Company’s e-mail security solution patented?

Peter Davin: Yes, we have patents for the solution in several countries around the world and it is patent pending in many others. Secured eMail has had impressive “wins” in important enterprise verticals such as finance, healthcare, legal and education. Please tell our audience about a success story in one of these verticals.

Peter Davin: One of our success stories was our experience with Ohio State University Healthcare Systems. With the huge amount of sensitive information being transmitted, stored, and distributed in healthcare today, the challenge is how to effectively protect the information without being a resource drain while at the same time making it accessible for patient care to internal or external clinicians. We strive to solve the HIPAA compliance issues plaguing organizations in a cost-effective, simplistic manner, so that they can rest easy and get back to doing what they do best - serving their patients.  What about the Government sector?

Peter Davin:This is a sector that is very interesting for us; however, it is also very time consuming to get their attention and thus we have opted to focus on the Government sector as a long term market with long term objectives. We will be addressing the government market soon; however, it is not a market that is in the sales forecast because of the lengthy sales cycle.  In a relatively short time, Secured eMail has established key strategic relationships with IBM, HP and Novell. What can you tell us about these strategic relationships?

Peter Davin: As we develop solutions for the “mass market” it is important that we are compatible with solutions that are “mass market” solutions.  Both IBM and Novell have solutions that fit this definition with Lotus Notes and Group Wise. It is very important for us to have a close relationship with these companies as they help us with the technical development of our solution. With regards to HP, our relationship focuses on system integration.  HP is available to help with larger installations across the globe when required. Government mandates and new legislation are driving public and private sector enterprises to improve the security of their networks. Here in the U.S., how can Secured eMail assist enterprises in satisfying the requirements of HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Peter Davin: With the huge amount of sensitive information being transmitted, stored, and distributed in healthcare, finance and other important verticals today, the challenge is how to effectively protect the information without being a resource drain, while at the same time making it accessible for the users in an “easy to use” manner. Secured eMail is compliant with HIPAA, SOX and GLBA regulations.  Secured eMail meets the compliance requirements facing organizations in a cost-effective and efficient manner, so that the organizations can focus on what they do best -- serve their customers’ needs.  Congratulations on your recent financing with Gylling Invest. What are the Company’s growth plans?

Peter Davin: We have recently taken on several senior additions to our top management team. And we are busy planning our North American and EMEA expansion where we are currently setting up offices in the UK as well as in Germany. The main focus for us now is to develop our business in EMEA and in North America. We plan to focus on Asia at a later point.  What resources; such as downloads, case studies, and white papers, are available at for end-users?  

Peter Davin: We have compiled a broad range of resources for our prospects and customers.  We have everything from free evaluation kits to technical white papers, buyer guides, case studies, third party whitepapers as well as detailed documentation regarding the requirements and needs of email security solutions. There is information for everyone’s needs. Thank you very much for your time today, Peter. Is there any other subject you would like to talk about?  

Peter Davin: One of the deterrents when considering the implementation of email encryption is the complexity of the solutions that have previously been offered in the market place. Furthermore, the simplicity from a management and user perspective has been neglected. Most solutions have been and are very expensive without justification. Secured eMail has opted for a very robust solution from a security perspective; however, with regards to the users and the management of the solution, simplicity is the guiding principle. We also believe that the cost should be in line with the importance of this issue, and our pricing has been developed in line with the true value to our customers.