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Mr. Marcelo Bellini Garcia
Vice President Sales Payment Americas

Morpho Thank you for joining us today, Marcelo. Before discussing Morpho solutions in greater detail and the upcoming Cartes America please tell us about your background.

Marcelo Bellini Garcia: I graduated as Mechanical Engineer at University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I then went on to complete my MBA in Marketing from FGV in Sao Paulo. I have been with Morpho (Safran) for the past seventeen (17) years, where I have held various roles: I was the Vice President Sales Payment Americas, where I was able to improve, create and take Morpho to the EMV leadership in this region, and then promoted to Managing Director of Morpho Cards Colombia, where I was able to successfully accomplish the EMV migration of the Andean region, also with Morpho as technology leader in this segment. Another accomplishment that I am very proud of is being elected as the first Chairman of the Smart Card Alliance Latin América. As Chairman I led the migration to adopt EMV technologies in most of the Latin American countries. In my current role as Vice President of Sales for Payment in North America, I will again focus primarily on the adoption and deployment of the fast moving EMV technology. I am confident that it will be adopted quickly and a global leader in EMV technology and solutions, I am confident of our success. May we have an overview of Morpho solutions and are there any new solutions being introduced at Cartes America this year?

Marcelo Bellini Garcia: Certainly, Morpho is a global leader in security solutions, employing more than 8,400 people in 40 countries, and generating annual revenues of €1.5 billion. Our unique expertise lies in providing cutting edge technologies for a wide range of markets and applications. Morpho provides complete biometric systems such as fingerprint, iris and facial recognition, covering the full value chain of identity management. We contribute to public security through identification systems, explosive and trace detection systems and road safety solutions. Our company also serves banking and telecom markets through secure elements and digital authentication technologies for smarter transactions and payments. With integrated systems operating in more than 100 countries, our solutions secure and simplify the lives of people around the world.

As a leading player in the payment business, we offer financial institutions a complete and innovative portfolio of solutions ranging from classic chip card technologies, cutting-edge mobile payment and TSM services to innovative online payment security, eID and leading biometric identification and authentication solutions. At Cartes America 2015 we will focus on pioneering products and solutions for the following application and business areas:
- EMV migration
- Biometrics technology applied to payment applications both for identification and authentication such as the Match-On-Card (featuring biometric authentication performed by the EMV card) and on-device authentication
- Mobile payment, such as Trusted Service Management and Host Card Emulation
- eTIS (eTrusted Identity Services) – trust platforms that manage digital identity services securely and reliably

In addition, we will have some exciting demonstrations such as a biometric ATM and biometric POS that showcase our strengths in biometrics, security and payment. I encourage you to stop by our Booth 331 during the show to experience them first hand. It seems to us, Marcelo, that the security environment has never been more challenging for Morpho clients... with constant threats on the one hand and tight budgets + legacy systems on the other hand. What is your perspective on the unique value proposition that Morpho delivers in this environment?

Marcelo Bellini Garcia: I agree that the current security environment that we operate in is very challenging. At Morpho we believe in biometric multi-factor authentication that utilizes biometrics potentially as a substitute for or in conjunction with as a multi factor authentication rather than the usage of PINs and passwords as a unique form of authentication. We are convinced that pin/password authentication has and will continue to be a major inconvenience for the user due to the huge amount of passwords and PINs currently required. Biometrics is one of the most convenient forms of authentication. Morpho’s strong and proven algorithms which we are constantly improving are becoming more precise and quicker to authenticate. When these technologies are combined the user can be given a more convenient and secure authentication method. Morpho is the global leader for biometric applications and has an historical strong footprint in biometric identification in the global market. Morpho brings this expertise with multiple solutions: from EMV cards with biometric authentication to mobile biometrics as well as secure card-present and card-not-present transactions. Additional trend topics are the identification of customers to prevent ID theft and multi-factor authentication. An interesting example is for sure what Morpho does for the ambitious Aadhaar project in India: Morpho’s technology has enabled the unprecedented program to count everybody residing in India and then assign each person a unique identification number. The Aadhaar project is the world’s largest biometrics-based identity program. In several of the recent well-publicized breaches (Target, Home Depot, JP Morgan, UPS) the common link present in each of them, the weak link that enabled these breaches to occur…was password-based authentication. Your thoughts, Marcelo?

Marcelo Bellini Garcia: The adoption of EMV technology solves most of the well-publicized breaches mentioned as it brings a significant higher level of security to payment transactions. Thanks to their strengths EMV authentications have proven in multiple countries that card-present transactions reach a high level of security, bringing also convenience to the user. As for passwords, we are a strong supporter of multi-factor authentication and we are actively promoting and providing global solutions to our partners today. What is your opinion regarding the current status of EMV migration in the US?

Marcelo Bellini Garcia: EMV migration in the US is a reality. All major banks are migrating at a very high rate. This is the biggest EMV migration ever and it’s being realized at a much faster pace than in any other regions. There are many challenges and the migration will take a few more years to finish. Morpho is a major worldwide player on the EMV market and is proud to offer its products, solutions and consultancy to support any issuer during the migration process. 

Specific to the US market, we have a strategic manufacturing partnership for EMV cards with Perfect Plastic Printing, one of the most traditional card manufacturers in the world. The facility in St. Charles, IL has state of the art equipment for milling, embedding and initialization of EMV cards. Morpho’s brand recognition and track record are second to none. Are there any particular “wins” or success stories you would like to talk about?

Marcelo Bellini Garcia: Morpho is working on the EMV migration of multiple customers in the USA with great success. Morpho is rated number #1 biometrics provider as per NIST ( National Institute of Standards and Technology) * evaluations and has already a strong track-record of important financial institutions world-wide which successfully introduced biometric identification and strong-authentication as a mean to KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and secure their transactions (in-bank and out-bank, so multi-channels). What resources are available at for the digital ID and smart security community?

Marcelo Bellini Garcia: In addition to talking to our experts, you can always use the opportunity to visit – our website offers you not only a complete overview of the Morpho portfolio, our products and solutions, but also a lot of additional value. Expert articles give you more insights into new technologies and market developments. You will find Morpho’s press releases with the very latest news. Interesting case studies will give you an impression how Morpho is handling projects. Thank you again for joining us today, Marcelo. Are there any other subjects you would like to discuss?

Marcelo Bellini Garcia: Morpho, as well as Safran, continues its commitment to the North American market via personnel, technologies, factories and R&D Centers to support this fast paced and growing demand of our customers being a leading player in digital security solutions for telecom, ID, biometrics for civil and criminal applications, critical infrastructure and driving license, among others. We have active relationships with all major US network operators and we are supporting the payment market as well as additional EMV projects in progress with major American retailers and financial institutions. We look forward to meeting new partners during Cartes America and demonstrating to them why we are a global leader in this market.