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6 Security Industry Leaders Featured in Thought Leadership Interviews
Gemalto, Panasonic, Pelco, WAVE Systems, Alpha Technologies and ESGI Executive Search

RYE BROOK, NY, Sep 08, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- "Gemalto is giving Amazon Web Services (AWS) users a secure way to access their accounts with the Ezio Time Token, a small, lightweight, long-lasting device that provides a unique six digit one-time password (OTP). This is a significant reference for Gemalto's strong multi-factor authentication solutions since AWS is the leading cloud computing service provider. AWS provides highly scalable computing infrastructure that enables organizations around the world to requisition compute power, storage and other application services in the cloud on demand." These are among the insights discussed in our exclusive interview with Mr. Paul Beverly, Executive Vice-President - Marketing, President North America, Gemalto, Inc.

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"Panasonic is introducing our new i-PRO Certified Reseller Program as a way to bring our ongoing alliance with resellers to the next level," said Craig Greenwood, Vice President of Sales at Panasonic System Networks Company of America. "We recognize it is vital to work hand-in-hand with our resellers to maximize the business benefits of Panasonic's products, and our new program provides exciting opportunities for resellers to reach new levels of success in the marketplace. Our continuing emphasis on certification and training also ensures that end-user customers will benefit from knowledgeable and helpful staff to serve their needs when dealing with Panasonic resellers."

Marketing and sales support for i-PRO Certified Gold resellers includes a priority lead referral program, a listing in Panasonic's reseller locator, and an opportunity (by invitation) to participate in Panasonic's Reseller Council. Other i-PRO Certified Gold benefits include special pricing assistance, special conversion pricing for specifying Panasonic products, and in-house demo equipment at a lower cost. Technical resources support at the Gold level includes dedicated sales engineering, priority access to inside sales support and free certification training.

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Mr. Scott Paul, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Positioning Systems, Pelco, told us, "Sarix cameras are designed to maximize value. They are competitively priced and offer advanced features like ABF, CS mount lenses and built-in Pelco Analytics. Our Sarix IM Series Mini Domes are particularly value-driven, offering the advanced technology of Sarix at the most affordable price point. And getting back to the Industrial Design pillar of the technology, users save time and money with ABF and the Analog Service Jack. With these features, installers can auto focus the camera remotely, saving them an additional trip up the ladder. This is a real advantage over the competition."

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Wave Systems Corp. announced that it will join industry experts, government authorities and academics presenting at the National Security Agency's 2nd Annual Trusted Computing Conference ( ), September 20th - 22nd at the Caribe Royal Hotel in Orlando, FL. The conference provides a unique forum for those interested in how trusted computing technologies can improve the security of sensitive data, enterprise networks and critical applications. Wave Systems' customer PricewaterhouseCoopers will also present a session on leveraging Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) for authentication and key security.

"Wave is honored to participate in this one-of-a-kind event for the second year in a row," said Wave CEO Steven Sprague. "This event demonstrates NSA's commitment to cybersecurity, especially in a time of rapidly-changing threats that demand innovation and collaboration from all players. Wave is pleased to contribute to this discussion and looks forward to working with other participants to help advance NSA's mission."

Defending sensitive networks and information from unauthorized access presents a key challenge in the face of these growing threats. But as recent high-profile breaches have shown, user credentials and tokens alone aren't enough to secure the network. In his Wednesday session, "Mitigating Today's Most Pervasive Cyber Threats with Device Identification," Sprague will outline how the TPM, a security chip attached to a computer's motherboard, can establish automatic and transparent authentication of known network devices and users. Because the TPM chip is physically part of the device, it is uniquely suited for creating and verifying strong device identities and ensuring only authorized access to networks.

Wave also recently announced Q2 software licensing net revenues rose 31% to record $8.1M.

"Throughout Q2, there were a number of high-profile network and data breaches on the global stage. The most significant of these was the compromise of a leading security token solution relied upon by a large number of Fortune 500 enterprises," commented Steven Sprague. "As these kinds of events continue to occur and receive broad media attention, we have seen an increase in interest and activity in trusted computing solutions.

"On the financial side, I'm pleased to report that we once again extended our track record of year-over-year and sequential quarterly growth in the second quarter. Given the new global focus on cyber security and related concerns over the efficacy of proprietary, software-only solutions, we've chosen to expand our investments in maintaining our leadership position in the trusted computing space at a time when we believe that many governments and enterprises are re-examining their network and data security protocols. We believe that there will continue to be receptivity to new approaches to security, such as those offered by Wave.

"But there remains much work to be done in communicating the security and ROI benefits of 'off the shelf' trusted computing solutions. We are deploying substantial resources in sales and marketing to help promote this message internationally, with a particular focus on North America and on expanding our presence in the EMEA regions. In addition, Wave will participate in the 2nd Annual NSA Trusted Computing Conference and Exposition ( ) September 20-22 in Orlando, FL, a forum sponsored by the NSA to educate public and private sector IT professionals on trusted computing solutions and how they are being used with success."

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Alpha Technologies Ltd. develops power conversion, protection and standby products for telecommunications and broadband cable industries, including custom, application-specific power solutions. In addition to product development, Alpha Technologies provides a comprehensive range of installation and maintenance services to support its global customer base. Alpha Technologies is a member of The Alpha Group of companies.

The Alpha Group represents a global alliance of independent companies that share a common philosophy -- create world-class powering solutions for communication, commercial, industrial and renewable energy markets. For more information, visit or contact: Paul Drabble, Marketing Manager,, 604-436-5900.

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Mr. Evan Scott, President, ESGI - Executive Search Consultants, told us, "The interesting thing about our business is that the demand for talent typically follows where companies think the government will be spending money. For instance, this year we have handled CEO searches for services clients and heads of business development for services, consulting and product companies. The area where the government will spend money is in security, physical, cyber and information management. There is a lot of attention being paid to the INTEL community and Health Care,IT. This includes electronic medical records and other technologies to help with the care of our veterans. There is also a great deal of activity thru State Department bringing services to the Middle East and third world countries."

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