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Cisco, Stanley Security, Gemalto, Pelco, NICE, and WAVE Systems Discuss Security Solutions in Interviews

RYE BROOK, NY, Apr 21, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- "As we have seen from the recent series of natural disasters and their consequences in Japan and New Zealand, no government, country, community or citizen is immune from disasters or emergencies. One disaster can have an enormous impact across the global economy. Put simply, networked safety and security solutions that are available today can better protect these communities and enable a safer world. Cisco's Smart+Connected Communities initiatives ( ) help communities meet their economic, social and sustainability objectives by improving the delivery of services through networked services and infrastructures."

These are among the observations by Mr. David Hsieh, Vice President of Marketing, Emerging Technologies, Cisco ( ).

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Mr. Phil Pitt, Director of Marketing, Stanley Security Solutions, Sargent and Greenleaf, told us, "We have a new product called the S&G 2740 High Security Lock. The name comes from the fact that it is specifically designed to meet a very stringent federal specification called FF-L-2740A. This specification governs the lock that is installed on GSA approved security containers which are used to protect classified information. The S&G 2740 has been GSA approved and is on the Qualified Product List or QPL."

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For more information: Stanley Security Solutions ( StanleySecuritySolutions ) Sargent & Greenleaf ( Sargent & Greenleaf ) Model 2740 Electromechanical Safe Lock ( Model 2740 Electromechanical Safe Lock )


Mr. Philippe Benitez, Gemalto Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Secure Transactions, North America, said, "Gemalto works with its customers across all business units at a fundamental level -- the digital security level. We focus on helping banks, telecom operators, governments and corporations provide better, more convenient and secure services to their customers. In Telecommunications, for example, we provide SIM cards as well as the remote administration Over the Air (OTA) infrastructure that enables mobile subscribers to surf, make calls and pay securely from their cell phone."

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Mr. David Stanfield, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Positioning Systems, Pelco, told us, "Customers are demanding end-to-end, high-definition IP video security systems, so that is clearly the direction the industry is moving towards. For Pelco, Spectra HD represents the final piece of our end-to-end HD solution so now our customers have access to a complete offering that includes megapixel fixed cameras, HD monitors and video management systems like Endura and DS-NVs."

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Mr. Rafi Bhonker, VP, Product Management and Business Development, NICE, said, "NICE is the worldwide leader of intent-based solutions that capture and analyze interactions and transactions, realize intent, and extract and leverage insights to deliver impact in real time. Driven by cross-channel and multi-sensor analytics, NICE solutions enable organizations to improve business performance, increase operational efficiency, prevent financial crime, ensure compliance, and enhance safety and security. NICE serves over 25,000 organizations in the enterprise and security sectors, representing a variety of sizes and industries in more than 150 countries, and including over 80 of the Fortune 100 companies.

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Wave Systems recently announced a $3.5 million agreement with BASF SE to provide the leading chemical company with Wave's EMBASSY(R) client, server software and maintenance services for its new global fleet of personal computers.

BASF, headquartered in Ludwigshafen, Germany, ordered both software licenses and accompanying maintenance agreements for Wave's flagship EMBASSY(R) Remote Administration Server (ERAS). ERAS gives IT the power to turn on each self-encrypting drive (SED) in seconds (as opposed to up to several hours per PC with software-based encryption), set security policies and provide detailed event logs to demonstrate that the data was fully encrypted if a laptop goes missing.

The order involves tens of thousands of ERAS licenses, maintenance orders for 2011 and additional maintenance orders for all of 2012. Wave anticipates fulfilling the order in the second calendar quarter and expects to record approximately $2.8 M of license sales and this year's maintenance as revenue ratably over the remainder of 2011, with 2012 maintenance of approximately $700,000 to be recognized ratably over the full year of 2012.

For the Wave interviews with: Lark Allen, Executive Vice President: , and, Steven Sprague, CEO and President: .

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