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TI, Digital Identification Solutions, and GFI Discuss Security Issues in Interviews

RYE BROOK, N.Y. - September 29, 2008 --[ASDWire]-- “TI's RF360 is the first smart integrated circuit platform designed and developed specifically to meet the ever-changing demands of secure contactless applications including those in the government electronic identification market. The RF360 provides much-needed chip transaction speeds and supports increased functionality without compromising security. This is due to our "grounds-up" smart IC design which integrates a suite of proven, next generation technologies – advanced non-volatile Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM) technology and a 16-bit high performance ultra-low power microcontroller. Employing an advanced platform offers our partners more flexibility to innovate their own secure contactless applications. In particular, our suite of technologies enables governments to quickly and efficiently produce and adjudicate a multitude of passive electronic identification (ID) such as electronic passports (e-passports) and national ID cards. And to increase performance even further, TI also provides a system solution via our secure reader chips for these markets." These are among the insights discussed by Mr. V.C. Kumar, Manager, Government ID, Texas Instruments Please see the entire interview here:  

And, Mr. Gerd Schaefer, CEO, Digital Identification Solutions AG told us, “Digital Identification Solutions serves customers in a variety of markets. We empower retailers, universities, hospitals, airports, hotels, corporations, and government agencies to provide their customers, students, patients, clients, guests, employees and citizens with high quality transaction and identification cards. We help corporations to protect their business and property, and to control access and resources with multi-application cards. Our solutions, with innovative technology and anti-counterfeiting features, enable government authorities to make identification cards and passports even more secure.” Please see the entire interview here:

And, Mr. Stephen Chetcuti Bonavita, Director of Marketing, GFI Software,, told us, “GFI’s focus has always been small and medium sized businesses and this has proved to be a very successful formula. In fact, the figures speak for themselves: 200,000 installations worldwide, 120,000 customers for a total of 37 million seats and over 150 awards, apart from the price of the majority of GFI’s products shipping at the lowest and most competitive rates on the market, especially within the SMB sphere.” Please see the entire interview here:

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