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GE Security and Panda Security Discuss Security Issues in Interviews

RYE BROOK, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE) — March 10, 2008 – Business leaders and consumers may now view two exclusive interviews about "security solutions" in's ongoing interview series with leading security experts.

“Home Security 2.0 is one part of our new interactive initiatives that is taking home security and related functionality to exciting new levels, leveraging the power of the Web to afford homeowners a range of new capabilities. Now homeowners can go beyond traditional home alarm system offerings to, not only, remotely monitor their home's security, but also monitor a whole range of additional functions and activities. With this interactive initiative, homeowners can now leverage Web accessibility to determine when the kids get home from school, whether the dog is misbehaving, see who went into the liquor cabinet, and even address visitors at the front door as if they were home while they are at another location. This integrated solution will provide greatly enhanced peace-of-mind and enable users to stay connected to their homes, families and properties when away. This is good news for homeowners and our partners.” These are among the comments and observations by Mr. Kirk MacDowell, Residential Marketing,, (NYSE: GE ).

Please see the entire interview here:

And, Mr. Ryan Sherstobitoff, Chief Corporate Evangelist, Panda Security USA, told us, “Currently the evolving threat landscape and the current protection model that is being used is not working as well as it should be. For example the traditional anti-malware model works off of the principle of analyzing malicious code manually and providing vaccines in the form of a signature file. However, because there is such an overwhelming rate of new threats (4000 new threats per day), a new approach must be taken to address this. Panda Security solutions, especially the technologies that take advantage of Collective Intelligence will allow Panda Security to address the more modern and sophisticated approach cyber-criminals are taking today.”  Mr. Sherstobitoff also informed us of a contest the company is currently running called The Panda Challenge. In an effort to make companies more aware of the presence and damaging effects of malware, Panda Security is openly inviting any organization with networks of at least 150 computers to “Take the Panda Challenge” and test their systems using Malware Radar, Panda’s on-demand audit service for targeted malware infections. If any organization is malware-free after the test, Panda will pay them $10,000. The contest runs until May 18 and more information can be found at as well as a wealth of new content on malware.

The complete interview is available here:

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