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Leading Vendors Discuss Network Security Issues in Interviews

RYE BROOK, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--“Security is broken, and the marketplace is crying out for a new approach to address a problem that is growing in both complexity and risk annually. Traditionally, the industry’s approach to security has been characterized by stand-alone security products designed to address the latest security concern. For viruses, the industry delivered anti-virus; for spyware the industry delivered anti-spyware, and so on. As a result, the average enterprise owns stand-alone security solutions from 32 different vendors. These solutions are not interlinked, do not scale, and do not adapt to the new forms of online threats or dynamic changes to the business environment. What we are seeing consequently is a situation where the spending on labor to manage security complexity is growing at three times the rate of the growth of the security budgets. Unfortunately, despite all this investment, in many cases enterprises are no more secure than they were five or more years ago.”

These are among the comments and observations by Mr. Peter Evans, Director, IBM Internet Security Systems. Please see the entire interview here:

And, Mr. Ryan Sherstobitoff, Chief Corporate Evangelist, Panda Security USA, told us, “ Currently the evolving threat landscape and the current protection model that is being used is not working as well as it should be. For example the traditional anti-malware model works off of the principle of analyzing malicious code manually and providing vaccines in the form of a signature file. However; because there is such an overwhelming rate of new threats (4000 new threats per day), a new approach must be taken to address this. Panda Security solutions, especially the technologies that take advantage of Collective Intelligence will allow Panda Security to address the more modern and sophisticated approach cyber-criminals are taking today.” The complete interview is available here: Security.html.

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