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VeriSign, Verint and Sentry Technology Discuss Security Issues in Interviews

“Extended validation SSL is one of our latest product innovations. Essentially users who have Internet Explorer 7 (and also upcoming releases of Firefox and Opera) will see their address bar turn green and display the name of the organization securing the site. For example, in this case when users visit they will see the address bar turn green and show “Identified by VeriSign” in the security status bar. Our initial market tests have shown that 93% of internet users prefer to see this secure site when executing their online transactions, and that, in the online commerce world, 97% of shoppers will use their credit card when they see the green bar vs. only 63% without. We believe that online merchants will recognize that and see great value in our service offering. These are among the comments and observations by Mr. Mark McLaughlin, Executive Vice President, Products, Marketing, and Customer Care, VeriSign (NYSE: VRSN). The entire interview is available here:

And, Ms. Mariann McDonagh, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Verint Systems (OTC: VRNT.PK), told us, “Nextiva enterprise and vertical solutions address the needs of a wide range of industries, from banking and critical infrastructure to retail and mass transit. Verint is the Networked Video management provider of choice for 55 airports, 43 seaports, 7 out of every 10 US banks, 2 of the world’s 5 largest retailers, and government organizations around the globe. The biggest drivers for our solutions is the fact that organizations are collecting vast amounts of information — more information than they can rapidly assess and use. Many security organizations suffer from information overload from the data produced by an increasing number of cameras, alarms, sensors and other disparate enterprise systems. “See the entire interview here:

Sentry Technology (OTC: SKVY.OB) announced October 10th the signing of a purchase contract with one of America's largest retailers to install a second site with SentryVision® SmartTrack(TM) traveling CCTV systems including OperationalVideo(TM). The order is valued in excess of $100,000 and is in addition to early customer acceptance of the initial trial installation that was completed in September. See our exclusive interview with Peter Murdoch here:

Also available on is our Investment Guide To 350+ Security Stocks © : Deborah Gilbert, President, said, “Since 911, we live in a new world that requires we protect every aspect of everyday life as never before: our environment, our borders, our businesses, and, of course, our personal well-being and that of our families. Worldwide spending for security continues at an unprecedented pace and the companies included in our Investment Guide are beneficiaries of much of this spending.”

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