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(Distributed for Investrend Communications, Inc. via M2 Communications Ltd ( September 26, 2005 (FinancialWire), which reports on news and developments for many of the companies in the homeland securities sector such as Isonics (NASDAQ: ISON), Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC), Viisage (NASDAQ: VISG) and Zebra (NASDAQ: ZBRA), covered in the Homeland Security Sector analytics by Investrend Research, has interviewed Gayle Essary, CEO of Investrend Communications, Inc. ( ). The interview is at The sector coverage is being produced by Investrend Research in partnership with Cronus Capital Markets and under the auspices of the Homeland Security Industry Association.

The initial sector report was posted August 8, 2005 at The Homeland Security Industries Association, with 400 members, has endorsed what it considers to be important homeland security sector analytics coverage. It is offering a special membership to companies that enroll for the coverage. HSIA, which is a private sector representative to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, is participating in a strategic partnership with Cronus Capital Markets and Investrend Research to initiate and provide continuous unifying analyst coverage on the fastest growing financial sector since the advent of the Internet. The organization said it will be a major contributor to the Homeland Security Sector Report project commissioned by Cronus Capital Markets, a leading research and consulting firm for the Homeland Security industry. HSIA has formed a comprehensive strategic partnership with Cronus Capital Markets for the Homeland Security Sector, as well as other initiatives aimed at unifying this newly formed sector. The HSIA provides a mechanism for government and the private sector to coordinate on a wide range of homeland security issues. According to Bruce Aitken, HSIA s President, It s clear that investment in the homeland security sector will continue to be an essential component in executing current government homeland security directives. Moreover, investment in the R&D initiatives that will guide future homeland security policies is even more crucial to meaningful and measurable homeland security. Yet, over the last couple of years, due to a lack of comprehensive information, the market has been forced to approach the homeland security sector in a fragmented fashion. Our partnership with CCM and subsequent involvement with the Homeland Security Sector Report (HSSR), which the HSIA will act as a major contributor, will be a major factor in changing the way investors research companies in the homeland security arena. We are confident that the HSSR and the CRD will make a significant contribution to homeland security investing. Michael Soni, CCM s Founder and CEO, states the partnership between his company and the HSIA will offer a unique service to an expanding and important sector. Our partnership with the HSIA benefits both smaller and larger member companies; by providing access to the highest quality independent research coverage, which will have the effect of increased liquidity for those companies that are relatively illiquid and greater transparency for larger more established companies. Together, our actions will generate enhanced investor interest in the homeland security sector as a whole, Soni said. CCM SectorInvest ( ), the media arm of Cronus Capital Markets, is an online knowledge center for the investment and business communities engaged in the following sectors; Homeland Security, Biometrics, RFID, Nanotechnology, Alternative Energy, Oil & Gas, and Metals. CCM, in partnership with the International Securities Exchange NYSE: ISE), developed the ISE-CCM Homeland Security Index (ISE: HSX) which currently has options trading on the ISE. The research found in the HSSR is completely independent in nature and will provide detailed coverage of the following six Homeland Security Missions and sub-missions; Intelligence & Warning (Domestic Intelligence, Foreign Intelligence), Border & Transportation Security (Aviation, Maritime, Ground Transport, Land Border), Domestic Counterterrorism (Domestic Prevention, Foreign Prevention), Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Key Assets (Physical Security, Air/Sea Entry Points, Cyber Security), Defense Against Catastrophic Threats (Bioterrorism, Nuclear/Dirty Bomb), and Emergency Preparedness & Response (Preparedness, Mitigation). The HSSR also provides analysis on homeland security spending, market size, growth arenas, the regulatory environment and sector trends. In addition, commentary on Homeland Security technologies such as sensor, screening, biometrics, RFID, cyber-security, and others, will be present. The HSSR, which includes a Company Research Directory (CRD), is distributed at no cost, to investors through the Investrend Research Syndicate distribution network.   The CRD is comprised of  Spotlight Reports,  which the two homeland security pioneers advise  provides homeland security related companies with independent research and analysis to ensure that their corporate profile is heightened, within the context of widely available independent research coverage. The Spotlight Reports, which comprise the CRD, presents to investors in an easy to read format the Homeland Security activities of a particular company. This ongoing analysis provides investors with the ability to ascertain the degree and nature of involvement that a particular company has within the Homeland Security Industry, Soni explained. In addition to the reports and research, CCM will also work with certain under-funded HSIA member companies to perform the necessary research and analysis to secure funding through its private equity research and consulting activities directed towards the institutional investor community. We plan a series of CCM/HSIA Institutional Investor Forums for HSIA members, and other companies, to tell their stories and increase their profile to institutional investors, HSIA s Aitken said. Cronus Capital Markets, with offices in Toronto and New York, operates as an independent and privately owned capital market research and consulting firm. They are not a division of a bank or brokerage firm, and are fully committed to providing objective capital market research and consulting services. As a result, they are able to function without bias or compromise, while maintaining absolute objectivity and accountability in their work. CCM Research is focused in three areas; index creation and development, private equity research, and public equity research. Currently, CCM provides extensive research coverage and expertise for the Homeland Security Sector, resulting in CCM s establishment as a leading research and consulting firm as it relates to this sector. CCM Consulting, using insights from its research division, consults in two areas; index creation and development, and private equity opportunities. Financial institutions, ranging from securities exchanges to institutional investors, regard their capital market research and related consulting as integral components in their decision making process when searching for innovative, high impact opportunities. CCM, at, has quickly gained a reputation for original thinking, and as a result, is recognized as a firm at the forefront of capital market research and consulting. HSIA, at, with over 400 members, has chapters across the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. The Association monitors and analyzes legislation, regulation, and related hearings concerning homeland security; coordinates and disseminates to its members information regarding federal, state, and local requests for proposals (RFPs) related to homeland security procurement; develops position papers, reflecting industry positions and concerns that may be shared with government officials; and provides networking opportunities among industry and government leaders. For up-to-the-minute news, features and links click on FinancialWire is an independent, proprietary news service of Investrend Information, a division of Investrend Communications, Inc. It is not a press release service and receives no compensation for its news or opinions. Other divisions of Investrend, however, provide shareholder empowerment platforms such as forums, independent research and webcasting. 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