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Morgan Keegan Senior Analyst, Brian W. Ruttenbur Interviewed By

RYE BROOK, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 30, 2004--An exclusive interview with Mr. Brian W. Ruttenbur, Senior Analyst, Morgan Keegan (NYSE: RF - News) is available at

In describing recent developments and trends in the Homeland Security sector, Mr. Ruttenbur, said, "Several growth areas are beginning to emerge.

  • Security technology hardware and software products show strong signs of rapid growth as the need to secure our physical surroundings becomes more vital.
  • Tracking and identifying individuals, as well as enterprise/government equipment, shows long term promise as governments and corporate clients increase acceptance of this technology.
  • Need to screen people, parcels, cargo and air, water, and food is growing
  • Market for decision enabling software and hardware is growing rapidly
  • Fraud prevention and risk mitigation providers are demonstrating positive momentum, especially background checking and investigative services."

Mr Ruttenbur added: "We cover 14 companies in this sector. It is important to note that we have three basic ratings: Outperform (O), Market Perform (M), and Under Perform (U). We also have three risk ratings, Speculative Risk (S), Market Risk (M), and Conservative . Below is a list of our Outperform rated coverage companies:

American Science and Engineering (ASEI - O/S) develops and manufactures inspection systems for detection and security applications.

First Advantage (FADV- O/S) is a provider of enterprise and consumer screening and risk management solutions to corporations and consumers globally.

LaserCard (LCRD- O/S), formerly Drexler Technology, is a provider of optical data storage products and systems, featuring its LaserCard optical memory cards and chip-ready Smart/Optical cards.

OSI Systems (OSIS - O/S) is a provider of security and inspection systems, medical monitoring and imaging products, and optoelectronic devices and value added subsystems, as well as engineering and manufacturing services.

Below is a list of other stocks that we cover:

ActivCard (ACTI - M/S), Armor Holdings (AH - M/S), CompuDyne (CDCY - M/S), Digimarc (DMRCE - M/S), FLIR Systems (FLIR - M/S), Identix (IDNX - M/S), I.D. Systems (IDSY - M/S), InVision Technologies (INVN - NR), TASER International (TASR - M/S), Verint Systems (VRNT - M/S) "

The entire interview is available at:

According to Deborah Gilbert, President of, "13 of these companies are included in our 3Q 2004 Profitability Survey of 250+ Security Companies. We believe this report is the most comprehensive profit survey of security stocks available anywhere with profit data on more than 250 publicly traded companies from large cap to micro cap."

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