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Mr. Brian A. Calabro
National Account Director
Ampac Brian, thank you for joining us again today. Ampac’s government focus is a priority for your company, can you communicate why and how Ampac is focusing on this market?

Brian Calabro: Ampac is currently providing customized secure packaging applications to both the Department of Defense as well as the Department of Justice within the US Federal Government. We also provide custom packaging for military use as well as specific state law enforcement agencies such as police, fire and EMS. The types of products range from evidence bags with customized tamper-evident closures to secure currency bags for the transport of cash and coin. Our products are designed to provide the maximum amount of security while remaining most efficient in performance and functionality. By executing a proactive communication style, we keep our clients informed on the newest and most innovative applications that exist in the flexible packaging industry. A strong collaborative relationship with our customers also allows us to quickly identify specific applications that are best suited for the needs of the Government and related agencies. Why do business with the Federal Government?

Brian Calabro: The government likes working with Ampac because of the diversity in our range of capabilities. Ampac is an innovation driven company with a reputation for pushing the envelope with creative flexible packaging applications. This cutting edge approach makes Ampac an obvious target for Government interest. The ability to take a list of requirements and ‘bridge the gap’ from concept to functional product is one primary reason why Ampac is viewed as a ‘trusted partner’ rather than just a supplier to the Government agencies which we serve. Please explain how Ampac is so different from other secure packaging companies and the specific products you produce.

Brian Calabro: Ampac is the world’s leader in creative packaging solutions and we bring differentiation to the table through the delivery of our creative solutions. We are also unique in that all film is extruded in the United States. Our print capabilities include up to 8-color process for flexographic production and our manufacturing footprint reaches across three continents and seven countries. Ampac also offers multiple innovative solutions in flexible packaging for the food, pet food and medical markets, secure packaging for cash management, loss prevention and transportation of valuables and documents, and retail paper and plastic shopping bags. What are some standard credentials that are recommended to do business with the federal government?

Brian Calabro: Government buyers tend to look for suppliers with a General Service Administration (GSA) contract number (Ampac Contract #: GS-02F-0218W). This contract number is issued to each GSA approved supplier for quick identification purposes. We also have a CAGE code – a Commercial and Government Entity Code – which is a unique identifier given to government suppliers as well as government agencies themselves to provide a standardized method of identifying a given facility at a specific location. Ampac’s D&B Number – Dun & Bradstreet -- is issued to companies and often used in credit decisions and evaluations for consideration of engaging in business opportunities. As well, Ampac also carries the ISO Certification which is a family of standards related to ‘quality management systems’ which is designed to help organizations ensure that they fulfill the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements of related to a specific product.

Ampac is also in the following NAICS Codes: 115114, 322220, 326111, 326112, 326113, 326130. What are the market drivers specific to the Government?

Brian Calabro: The key market driver for the Government space is innovation.  The people in charge of the defense of our nation rely on their supplier / partners to be on the cutting edge of technology with the products and services they provide.  As a company rooted in innovation, Ampac fits well into this model. Ampac’s innovation is evident in our KeepSafe® tamper-evident solutions. With enhanced closure features, KeepSafe’s tamper evident properties are distinguished by three levels of security:  Gold for high-risk, Silver for mid-level and Bronze for lower-risk applications. Ampac Government products stay ahead of the adversary in terms of features and enhancements. They include security bags and pouches for forensic material and evidence, tamper evident closures, chain of custody products, and cash and currency bags. Brian, it seems that Ampac is able to adapt to the needs of your customers, please explain.

Brian Calabro: Our wide range of capabilities allows Ampac to adapt to our customer’s needs no matter how complex. Our product solutions fit well in most applications, but for those that don’t, we can provide a custom solution keeping in mind the customer’s requirements. Ampac’s investments in new technology also keep us ahead of our competitors. Making investments in areas we foresee to have ‘positive growth’ in our industry allows us to take a consultative approach to developing solutions to meet our customer’s needs. Hello Brian, thanks for being with us. Can you tell us about your role with Ampac?

Brian Calabro: Thank you. Prior to coming to AMPAC I spent four and a half years working in the Industrial Business unit for Standard Register serving Fortune 500 manufacturing firms around Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. I am currently the National Sales Manager for the Security business line at Ampac. My key responsibilities are geared towards the government sector, where I sell into various agencies within the Department of Defense and Department of Justice. I provide consultative solutions to these agencies in the form of product design and applications for the collection, transfer and storage of sensitive material. Can you tell me about Ampac's markets and offerings?

Brian Calabro: Ampac is the world's leader in creative packaging solutions. We passionately create and bring to market packaging designed to advance our customers brand and value globally. Ampac drives packaging transformation and performance by strategically creating packages that are more innovative, progressive and dynamic than those used by competitive brands. Our comprehensive approach to packaging is a balance of rigorous, technology-driven thinking and exceptional creativity. Through insightful collaboration, our team of engineers and designers act as change agents to build value for our customers. Ampac offers multiple innovative solutions in flexible packaging for the food, pet food and medical markets; secure packaging for the collection, storage and transfer of sensitive material as well as paper and plastic shopping bags for major retailers. What makes Ampac so different within the industry of secure flexible packaging?

Brian Calabro: I would have to say our range of capability. We are an organization that is largely driven by innovation and a constant focus on pushing the envelope into new territory. Ampac's expertise and talent, as well as our creativity and innovation, brings new packaging solutions to our strategic markets. With our manufacturing centers of excellence, Ampac provides expert solutions to companies that require help with loss prevention, transportation of documents, valuables, and many other secure applications. We pride ourselves on helping customers meet objectives that might not have been possible before. Through a highly consultative approach we work to understand our customer's need and build a solution around that foundation. Additionally, 100% of our film is extruded in Ampac's U.S. facilities - we are one of only a few manufacturing companies in the U.S. that have totally integrated capabilities in extrusion, printing and converting on-site, without the need to qualify other suppliers. Now that we know what makes you stand out in the marketplace, what products can we see from Ampac's secure packaging product lines?

Brian Calabro: Ampac provides a wide range of secure packaging designs, many of which are available for purchase online at: In addition to our work for the Federal Government, we provide secure packaging for financial institutions, cash-in-transit providers, retail groups, casino & gaming venues, couriers, and pharmaceutical/medical institutions. Ampac also has many award-winning products from various associations and media publications. Can you elaborate?

Brian Calabro: Ampac prides itself on presenting our most innovative and creative solutions to our customers. Many of those innovations have been rewarded by packaging industry associations. Ampac's award-winning products appear in markets such as food, retail, health & beauty and more; and in categories such as sustainability, packaging excellence, printing achievement, technical innovation, and design. We are proud to present our forward-thinking achievements that benefit the bottom line for our customers. We are regarded as thought leaders in the industry and are constantly seeking opportunities to learn. Brian thanks for the introduction to Ampac and thanks for joining us.