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Mayur Ramgir
President & CEO

Zonopact Thank you for joining us today, Mayur. Before discussing Zonopact solutions in greater detail, please tell us about your background. May we also have a brief company history?

Mayur Ramgir: Certainly. Zonopact is an innovative software development company that has innovation as its bedrock. It’s who we are and the team we have assembled make this ideology their own. Our products are created to help generate revenue and strengthen industries intrinsically. We specialize in developing high performance and innovative business management solutions that are not only scalable, but which can provide valid and easy to use business solutions irrespective of the industry involved.

I stepped into the professional life with a sales internship right after high school graduation. It took merely a month for him to realize my true potential in this arena. With that realization came the dream to make the most of my abilities by breaking out of the employment cycle. That’s when I laid the foundation of my first venture, an advertising material design business, managed and operated singlehandedly by me when I was only 18. Two years later, it became a successful company, which I sold with three folds return. One will read on your site that “Zonopact is an innovative and socially responsible software development company dedicated to creating world-class products that are scaled and customized to your individual needs. We design our products to drive revenue and strengthen your position as a global leader in your industry sector.” Care to elaborate?
Mayur Ramgir: It’s quite simple to understand actually. We created Zonopact as a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs who are in search of responsive solutions for mission critical departments. This includes those that have to work in tandem and share information for a smooth chain of influence. This is why each product we give is customized according to industry requirements and how we have been able to create such as large and satisfied clientele. Our passion for innovation never runs dry because we want to support the dream of a better world. We also understand that CLINTRA, the flagship product of Zonopact, “offers advanced technology combined with easy customization and scalability to suit the needs of any size and type of business.” What are the key features of CLINTRA?

Mayur Ramgir: CLINTRA was designed to provide high level security for data along with the capability of providing deep insights for growing businesses. The platform is unified for all major business application so that employees can find everything they need in one place. To ensure every business that comes to us acquires solutions that can benefit their bottom line, we create customized products to ensure they leave satisfied. In other words CLINTRA is a unified platform for all important business applications that is as scalable as it is easy to use. What are the main applications and how do you assure that cloud data is secure?

Mayur Ramgir: CLINTRA has been designed with a host of applications to make management easier but the main ones include CRM, ERP, project management and training management. These along with a couple of others are designed to work in tandem and complement each other for effective project management across different verticals. It is a complete information and data sharing portal that can be used across and between departments for streamlined operations. This includes social intranet which allows employees to harness the power of social media for seamless teamwork, strong team morale and smoother communication across enterprises. What is your perspective Mayur regarding the unique value proposition that Zonopact/CLINTRA deliver?

Mayur Ramgir: CLINTRA has massive potential to be one of the best enterprise management system that today’s interconnected and immersive business models require. As our flagship product, we are quite excited in how we can make it better for our existing and future clients and this includes connecting departments that can acquire client insights on a scale that is rare. Today sales cannot get the leads they need without help from targeted data that marketing can provide them. Those two departments are far from separate now – each has to collaborate to create leads that do not fall to the wayside. That is where CLINTRA helps since it connects them along with other key departments. What sets it apart is the flexibility and freedom it offers businesses when it comes to meeting end goals. Are there any “wins” or success stories you would like to discuss?

Mayur Ramgir: Several in fact, but for the sake of brevity I would like to elaborate the amazing working relationship we had with Atlas Sounds & Vision. The solutions we came up for them allowed their employees to share data by seeking common customer views via a robust CRM and even allow them to track clients all the way to a service call. All of this normally requires massive manpower to operate but through CLINTRA Atlas was able to accomplish each task through a single platform without the need of manual interference. Thank you again Mayur for joining us today...are there any other subjects you would like to discuss?

Mayur Ramgir: It was a pleasure to be here and I would just like to add that we have a line-up of future products that like CLINTRA will be designed keeping the needs of enterprises in mind. In the meanwhile, we will be going strong with our Innovation Lab to encourage young entrepreneurs and innovators to bring their own ideas to fruition.



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