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Mr. Mark VanDover
Tyco Integrated Security Thank you for joining us again today Mark. What is your perspective regarding the major highlights at this years’ ASIS?

Mark VanDover: Tyco Integrated Security had a successful time at ASIS 2014. We took advantage of the setting meet with our customers, network with partners and make new connections. As an integrator, TycoIS prides itself on taking a holistic approach based on our customer’s unique needs, leveraging our tenure of experience and breadth of technologies to offer tailored solutions. It is this focus on individual needs that propelled us to announce at ASIS our entry into the small business market by offering cost-effective, commercial-grade, scalable security systems and services to this customer base. We recognized a gap in small business security and look forward to meeting the market demand with new solutions and service offerings.

In addition to the focus on our security solutions at ASIS, we were excited to host a meet-and-greet with National Baseball Hall of Famer and former Red Sox Left Fielder Jim Rice for our booth visitors and raffle two sets of Google Glass, as well as a Fenway Park World Series photograph signed by Red Sox player David “Big Papi” Ortiz. Thank you for joining us today, Mark. Before discussing Tyco Integrated Security solutions in greater detail and the upcoming ASIS 2014 please tell us about your background.

Mark VanDover:  Thanks for having me, Martin. I am the president of Tyco Integrated Security. I joined TycoIS in 2012, but have been with our parent company Tyco since 2000. Over the last 14 years, I’ve held a number of different leadership roles including president and chief operating officer of Tyco Security Products, president of Tyco Fire Suppression and vice president of operations for SimplexGrinnell. Prior to Tyco, I worked at Siemens Medical Systems and General Electric. The security environment today seems to be more challenging than ever before with unprecedented security threats on the one hand and limited budgets on the other. Your thoughts?

Mark VanDover: Every business – large or small – has a unique set of needs when it comes to security, and determining the right security solutions to address them can be challenging. A knowledgeable integrator allows customers to design a security solution tailored to their specific needs within budget, while also providing solutions that will scale with the business as it grows.

New innovations in technology have changed the way businesses think about security. For example, a few years ago, the most cutting edge security technologies included employee smart cards and video surveillance that users could monitor while on-site. Today our customers monitor their operations after hours and on-the-go from any internet-connected device and gain significant business insight through analytics capabilities. These enhanced capabilities provide visibility into operational issues like traffic and process flow, employee/customer interactions and other time-based activity, in addition to security issues like loss prevention, possible workplace violence and physical security of a facility – all adding to the ROI of an integrated security system. What is the value proposition Tyco Integrated Security brings to the table in this environment?

Mark VanDover: TycoIS’ value begins with our people. We secure businesses by combining our commercial grade security solutions with extensive, knowledgeable expertise and local timely support.  We begin with a deep understanding of the markets that we serve due to years of on-the-job experience working with customers in neighborhoods around the country, likely including yours. As a full-service security integrator, we work to understand our customers’ specific challenges, deliver seamless integration, and provide long-term support through customer service, maintenance and monitoring. The combination of strategic implementation and individualized service helps us provide personalized solutions for customers’ current needs and the flexibility to adjust as they grow and expand.

Through this approach, we’ve earned business from 80 percent of the world’s top retailers, two-thirds of the nation’s busiest airports, eight of the top 10 banking institutions, and every U.S. Federal Courthouse. We also help protect over 250,000 local businesses in hundreds of cities and towns across America like your local sports arena, your neighborhood community bank, where your children go to school, where you worship, and most likely even your favorite coffee house. Any new Tyco Integrated products or solutions you’d like to discuss?

Mark VanDover:  Every customer is different, and that’s why we are focused on providing the best possible security solutions to meet our individual customers’ unique needs. We understand that time is one of our customers’ most valuable assets, and one solution that answers that challenge is our Mobile Security Management offering. This solution offers our customers flexibility to manage their security, access important data and receive important alerts and video clips while on-the-go.

We are also introducing an advanced IP-video surveillance platform specifically designed to help small businesses take advantage of the benefits of the latest technology at a very affordable cost; offering commercial-grade reliability, high-resolution footage, an easy-to-use interface and remote look in capabilities. May we have an overview of the key trends and highlights Tyco Integrated Security will be highlighting at ASIS 2014?

Mark VanDover: At ASIS 2014, we will feature a range of products, including video surveillance, access control and identity management tools that when coupled with mobile services provide clients with both security to protect their business and analytics to fuel its growth. ASIS attendees can visit our booth, #1611, and see demonstrations these products, including security platforms that blend access control, video and intrusion solutions, like Intevo; video recording platforms and management systems, like victor/VideoEdge; and scalable video applications for security and surveillance needs, like exacqVision. Thanks again for joining us today, Mark.  Are there any other subjects you would like to discuss?

Mark VanDover: Overall, security solutions today offer companies a wealth of business intelligence if properly managed. Working with an integrator provides the resources and expertise to build and maintain tailored security systems for a variety of requirements, enabling organizations to maximize their investment and provide a roadmap for their future.

Sidebar: Tyco Integrated Security Customer Success Story

TycoIS recently worked with a private elementary school to increase security across several buildings on its open campus. Key goals for the project included improved management and monitoring capabilities to ensure the most effective protection for its students and faculty.

    • Process: TycoIS completed a comprehensive security audit, which brought to light a number of critical areas where security could be improved and used more consistently. Based on the audit, the TycoIS team recommended a cost effective, integrated security solution that addressed the entire campus and allowed for easy management and monitoring, all within the school’s budget for the project.
    • Solution: TycoIS implemented a 10-door hosted access system, an audio/visual intercom in the main office to control non-access entry and a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system to visually monitor critical areas. The team installed networked panic buttons linked to the local police department for a timely response to critical situations. Additional security solutions implemented included a public address (PA) system and improved locks.
    • Results: The school hosted an orientation for faculty to learn about the new system, at which point many faculty members reported feeling relieved and significantly safer. Throughout the planning process, school management and TycoIS coordinated with the local police and fire department, and presented the students’ parents with numerous plan copies to ensure a balanced final result. Parents were impressed with both the efficient implementation process and final result, and had peace of mind about sending their children back to school in the fall.