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Ceng Sagnic
Chief of Analysis (COA) 

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Ceng Sagnic, Chief of Analysis (COA), TAM-C

About Ceng Sagnic

Ceng’s career combines extensive experience in both the private sector and academia prior to and during his work at TAM-C. In his current role, Ceng oversees the company’s analytical geopolitical security products, intellectual integrity and the overall intelligence collection and analysis method- ologies. Ceng has held multiple positions of increasing authority and responsibility at TAM-C since 2011, leading various projects for corporate and intergovernmental clients in different regions of the Middle East, Africa and North America.

As a geopolitical security and Middle East history professional, Ceng held multiple positions at think tanks and universities as a researcher, program coordinator and editor while serving at TAM-C. Ceng is a regular commentator on Middle Eastern politics for international media, and has published extensively on a range of geopolitical issues. Thank you for joining us today, Ceng. Please share with us a brief history of TAM-C and an overview you’re your firm’s capabilities.

Ceng Sagnic: TAM-C Solutions is the leading geopolitical intelligence and security company with a history spanning over two decades. Established in 2003 simultaneously in the United States and Israel, it has evolved into a multinational firm with headquarters in multiple locations across the United States, Israel, the UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. Once a boutique company, focused on actionable intelligence and led by several veteran security specialists, TAM-C has since transformed into the fastest-growing security and intelligence organization worldwide, boasting various departments and divisions, ranging from asset security to due diligence operations and on-the-ground intelligence and protection services.

In the realm of specialized intelligence services, TAM-C stands as a trailblazer, offering an array of tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of clients, partners, and stakeholders on a global scale. At the core of our approach lies a fundamental principle: to transform information into actionable intelligence, the human analytical element must stand as the linchpin between data sources and the final analysis.

TAM-C is the premier source for custom geopolitical intelligence solutions for many international corporations and governments. Our lens of critical analysis takes into account an array of client-centric factors, ensuring that the intelligence provided is not only accurate and insightful but also perfectly aligned with the recipients’ unique and dynamic requirements. As a result, we enable our partners to make informed decisions that drive success on a global stage.

Our operations, however, do not end with intelligence collection. Although TAM-C was not initially established to provide on-the-ground intelligence, protection, and crisis management services, our distinctive expertise in these fields required us to assist our clients and the general public during times of emergencies. TAM-C now operates a large-scale division for executive protection and asset security on the ground, supported by intelligence collection operations. We do not hesitate to make these resources available to the general public when they need us, as we consider it the least we can do for populations during times of crises. The war in Israel, resulting from the unprovoked attack by Hamas terrorists, has obviously caused tremendous disruption and please accept our sincere condolences for the loss of life and pain and suffering for the loved ones of those who were kidnapped and still in enemy hands. What are some of the services TAM-C is offering at this time regarding “Special Operations & Extraction of Civilians”.

Ceng Sagnic: It's not uncommon for civilians to seek assistance from organizations with expertise and capabilities during emergencies. While many may think that humanitarian and aid organizations are the most sought-after entities, security and intelligence companies like ours receive a staggering number of distress calls and assistance requests when humanitarian tragedies occur. Over the past decade, TAM-C has received numerous requests to assist civilians from governments, local institutions, and inter-governmental or international organizations. We have never hesitated to open our resources to the public when it was within our capabilities.

Many of these operations remain confidential to respect the security and privacy of the respective requesters. Nevertheless, it's worth mentioning that TAM-C has played a vital role in hostage negotiations in the Middle East. We've also provided sensitive intelligence to protect civilians from imminent harm and to rescue abductees. With our capabilities known to regional and international actors, we have been requested to assist in evacuations of civilians and individuals-at-risk from complete crisis situations. These situations have included the Islamic State (IS) invasions of Iraq and Syria, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, widespread turmoil caused by non-state militant groups in North and East Africa, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the coup d'etat in Niger, and most recently, the cross-border incursion of Hamas into Israel, resulting in over 1,300 deaths and over a million others in danger across the country. Ironically, TAM-C had announced the evacuation of a child in need of medical help from Afghanistan just a few weeks before we were asked to help with evacuations from Israel.

TAM-C's leadership has formalized a decision documented in our corporate strategies that humanitarian operations we get involved in should not be considered part of our for-profit business. This decision has been applied to all operations over the past decade and a half, from hostage negotiations to large-scale evacuations from war zones. When we were asked to assist civilians who needed immediate evacuation from Israel for various reasons, TAM-C organized a two-fold operation plan. In the first stage, we mobilized our teams on the ground to secure and transport a significant number of travelers from the south and north of Israel to the center, where the airport is located. This included the secure transport of a foreign student group who were visiting Israel at the time of the Hamas invasion. We evacuated them from a high-risk zone to the center and subsequently to the airport. TAM-C organized flights out of Israel using capabilities initially built for our operations worldwide. We did not hesitate to use them for the greater good of the general public.

I believe that the private sector, especially highly capable intelligence and security firms like TAM-C, play a substantial role during crises, as we are often more flexible, faster, and sometimes better prepared than other organizations. We have firsthand experience of this, especially in Afghanistan, Ukraine, and most recently in Israel. With that said, civilian organizations, NGOs, and governments increasingly turn to private sector organizations like us, recognizing our preparedness and capabilities.

TAM-C will continue to keep our resources open to the general public, with priority given to those in immediate need of assistance. Our operations to safeguard our clients in Israel and worldwide will continue. We view these as two interconnected avenues through which our firm should unhesitatingly offer its resources and capabilities for the greater good and the benefit of all. If an emergency should arise, what is the best way for those in need of TAM-C’s unique capabilities and services to reach the team at TAM-C ?

Ceng Sagnic: TAM-C Operations, a 24/7 multilingual Crisis Management Desk of TAM-C Solutions, can be contacted by anyone who represents a commercial, humanitarian, academic, religious or other civilian organization that needs assistance. Our specialized teams will respond to these requests within less than an hour.
+1 (202) 922-0068 Thank you again for joining us today, Ceng, we look forward to future TAM-C updates.