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Aaron Richman, Phd
Chief Executive Officer 

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About Aaron Richman

As the CEO of TAM-C Solutions, I lead a global team of intelligence and research professionals who provide innovative solutions for homeland security and counter-terror challenges. I have over 10 years of experience in this role, and over 30 years of combined experience in law enforcement, emergency management, and homeland security. I hold a PhD in Public Policy, an MBA in Public Sector, and a BA in Criminal Justice. My core competencies include suicide bombing response, "lone actors" interdiction, and information collection planning. I have conducted various research projects and policy reviews for the United States, European Union, and NATO, and I have developed, instructed, and consulted first responders and the private sector on MCI response, risk management, and suicide bombers. I have also co-developed curriculum for the Department of Homeland Security and Department of State on prevention and response to bombing incidents, suicide attack interdiction, and various intelligence programs. My mission is to enhance the preparedness and resilience of communities and organizations facing complex and evolving threats. Thank you for joining us today, Aaron. We had the pleasure of speaking recently with Ceng Sagnic, Chief of Analysis, at TAM-C and he shared with us some details regarding a very recent, and most impressive, TAM-C success story, about the evacuation of a student group that was visiting Israel at the time of the Hamas invasion.

When we were asked to assist civilians who needed immediate evacuation from Israel for various reasons, TAM-C organized a two-fold operation plan. In the first stage, we mobilized our teams on the ground to secure and transport a significant number of travelers from the south and north of Israel to the center, where the airport is located. This included the secure transport of a foreign student group who were visiting Israel at the time of the Hamas invasion. We evacuated them from a high-risk zone to the center and subsequently to the airport. TAM-C organized flights out of Israel using capabilities initially built for our operations worldwide. We did not hesitate to use them for the greater good of the general public.

This is most impressive, indeed, Aaron. Are there any additional recent success stories during the on-going war you would like to discuss?

Aaron Richman: The teams based in the region, especially inside Israel, as well as in the USA, have been supporting various logistical operations to bring equipment and resources to Israel from our partners in Europe and North America.

In addition, we have maintained a dedicated 24/7 multi-language crisis desk, supporting our clients in the region with situational updates every 30-60 minutes.

We have been supporting the region with sentiment analysis for partners associated with the Abraham Accords, as well as various global threats against the Jewish communities and Israelis overseas. In Israel, we have had the honor to facilitate the transport of medical supplies and cargo that was donated to various organizations in Israel from overseas. The unprovoked attack by Hamas terrorists on October 7 has obviously caused tremendous disruption and please accept our sincere condolences for the loss of life, and pain and suffering for the loved ones of those who were kidnapped and still in enemy hands.

We read with great interest on your website, that, TAM-C offers “K.R.E.M. TRAVEL INSURANCE”.


Kidnap and ransom insurance is a type of coverage for individuals and organizations that are planning to have overseas exposure, or need to travel or permanently operate in territories where there is a high risk of kidnapping or extortion. It can be purchased on a standalone basis or packaged as part of a comprehensive security solution.

TAM-C in partnership with partner brokers are able to cover various crisis events with our certified consultants that are prepositioned globally for such a mission response.

In addition, as the world experiences such instability whether, it be from natural disasters, civil disorder or other manmade crisis, our Traveler Management Programs, including the Traveler Duty of Care and Executive Protection Operations, are servicing clients in regions that include Mexico, Colombia, Middle East, and Europe.

Aaron Richman: The concept of our traveler focused services is three pillars that are holistically dependent upon one another. One is the Command and Control out of our Global Security Operations Center. Here we support clients with tactical intelligence, logistical support, our vetted field teams and embeds. The coverage is based on traveler management programs either in an automated or manual fashion.

The second pillar is the intelligence. A client needs actionable intelligence from their dedicated TAM-C teams while in transit as much as to monitor their brand, assets, IP, and so forth. This pillar of coverage, also prepares clients with robust assessments and briefings prior to travel and events.

The third pillar is crisis response. We track our clients with a secure APP, dedicated hotlines, and various customized chat rooms for ease to update and accommodate the traveler, the client GSOC, and the security teams in the field. It is a full cycle for the duty of care of travelers globally. Let’s also do a deep dive today into “ARGO™, INTELLIGENCE CENTRAL PLATFORM”. One will read on your site, that,

ARGO™ is a powerful holistic technology solution that assists our analysts in ingesting and processing huge amounts of data points and enhances clients’ security operations with a set of investigative tools accessible through an advanced dashboard. ARGO™ puts the power of artificial intelligence and deep machine learning in the hands of our clients to help them connect the dots in complex investigations, identify suspicious patterns, and detect & prevent threats.

Please tell us more.

Aaron Richman: Our patented platform was developed in house by a dedicated team of researchers and developers who assessed and surveyed client needs. Argo acts as a tool for our clients as well as internally, for our analysts globally. If an emergency should arise, what is the best way for those in need of TAM-C unique capabilities and services to reach your team ?

Aaron Richman: Whether there be a need for our field operations, assessments or investigations, our GSOC is available 24/7 with intel teams trained to take action and empower the clients with the information necessary. Clients can always contact their dedicated TAM-C director, directly or through the GSOC. We have no problem piloting, a proof of concept, of our services to best understand the customized and unique deliverables. Thank you again for joining us today, Aaron, we look forward to future TAM-C updates. Is there anything else you would like to discuss today?

Aaron Richman: I am very proud of our teams that support our clients during routine and crisis. Clients see us as their dedicated threat team with the ability to ramp up and adapt under the circumstances. We are here, Intelligence Central, this is what we do.