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idMatch Systems

In The Boardroom With...

Mr. AKH Baig
idMatch Systems, Inc. you for joining us today. Please give us an overview of your background and a brief company history.

AKH Baig: Thank you for having me. My past work experience has been mostly associated with the designing and technical aspects of Data warehousing, ETL and Business intelligence. I served as a VP of Technology with one of the brokerage giants, Merrill Lynch for more than a decade. From there, I moved on to create my own venture and developed security solutions that addresses the specific market needs. I am currently serving as a President and CEO of idMatch Systems and continue to supervise the product’s research and Development. Our market research and findings shows that the current marketplace is crying out for a new technology that addresses security problems and solves the name and identity matching issue. Our Company has now progressed to the point where we have demonstrated commercial acceptance of our unique and sophisticated technology, idMatch. Please give us an overview of Id Match solutions.

AKH Baig: idMatch™ is the latest and most advanced name search technology that overcomes all the limitations of previous generations of phonetic algorithms like Soundex, NYSIIS, Metaphone etc. It uses the fuzzy matching technology to provide unmatched and unprecedented search capability with flexibility. This is a sophisticated approach to the entity identification problem and a technique for finding data that is similar but not necessarily identical. Fuzzy matching is used to compensate for errors in data entry and phonetics, and produces a similarity measure using any combination of fields.

Matching is highly configurable. Different match criteria can be specified for each query, picking up matches missed by other comparisons and improving match rates. Matches can be differentiated by the tolerance, cut-off score and search strategy of the query, splitting results into "high" and "low" tolerance and score comparisons. idMatch™ can easily handle the high data volumes and the complexity of multiple disparate data sources and targets. Entity identification, matching, de-duplication, record linkage, and house-holding are critical processes in identity matching. They essentially entail finding records that refer to the same entity without relying on exact matching. idMatch™ offers a variety of tools and techniques for solving this common yet difficult problem. What are your target markets and what is your perspective on the market drivers?

AKH Baig: Our Target market spaces are:

  • Law Enforcement Vertical
  • Airport Security Services
  • Insurance Sector
  • Federal and Government Security
  • Financial and Banking Sector
  • CRM and Health care Vertical

Our Marketing team is targeting these verticals individually and trying to position our product line to address their specific security needs at the enterprise level.

We all know that due to unprecedented event of September 11 attacks; security has become the highest priority in the U.S and elsewhere around the world. One of our biggest market drivers is the continued and urgent requirement for a technology that addresses the name and identity matching problem, and takes minimal time and effort. We take this urgency as our market driver and continue to serve clients of various verticals and help them solve their security issues. Are there any "wins"or success stories you'd like to talk about?

AKH Baig: We typically keep the conversations and relationship with our clients, confidential, primarily due to the security issues and our client’s secure policies. However, I am proud to share that the overall market response of our product, idMatch has been overwhelming and, especially our customers in Law Enforcement and Airports Security Sector have written testimonials for us and praised this unique technology that solved their security problems. We have not only met but exceeded their expectations in helping them making a secure workplace by providing them idMatch. Are there any other strategic relationships you'd like to mention?

AKH Baig: We have numerous instances where our products have helped and protected our customers from potential breach of security and risk. But as we mentioned, we keep our client base confidential. What resources are available for end-users on your website?

AKH Baig: Our website is the main resource for the entire product Literature, Video Demonstrations. We have designed Demo software that shows all the features and functionalities of idMatch in a nutshell and developed White Papers, Marketing Collateral, catering to all the verticals and addressing their specific needs. End-users can use the site to get more information, send us an email, or get the numbers to call the team -- all the contact information is given on the website. Thanks again for joining us today. Are there any other subjects you’d like to discuss?

AKH Baig: Thanks, we have already touched upon various subjects.