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Charles "Chuck" Andrews - MSME, CPP
Founder/Chairman of the Board Friends Of Chuck (FOC)

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About Charles “Chuck” Andrews

Chalres "Chuck" Andrews - Friends of ChuckForty (40) years of Law Enforcement, Corporate Security, Business Risk and Consulting professional experience, training and education in both domestic and international venues, organizations and corporations in the physical (traditional) & virtual (logical) security industries.

Self-motivated and results-driven security executive and consultant demonstrating leadership and influence while positively impacting industry EBITDA from a security value-added proposition.

A security industry expert demonstrating global & functional competencies in multiple business environments, law enforcement and the corporate security (virtual & traditional) industry in the form of top-level certifications, degrees and significant real-world work experience positively impacting business operations across industry, both in the private and public sector. Successfully identifies emerging issues & technologies impacting security programs in the business environment on a local, state, national & international scale to the benefit of the business as value-add and cost/benefit plus. Further, has identified & demonstrated RISK/THREAT mitigation strategies involving millions of dollars in ROI with national impact to the benefit of a Fortune 250 corporation.

Accumulated, leveraged and maintained over 5,000 direct relationships and 156,000 working contacts in the law enforcement (foreign, federal, state & local) and corporate security sector across varied corporations and organizations through FRIENDS OF CHUCK (FOC).

SPECIALTIES: Trusted Adviser, High-Net-Worth, Cyber Security, Forensics, Security Investigations, Security Marketing, Security Trends, Security Personnel Recruiting & Job Placement, Relationship Management, Corporate Investigations, Business Intelligence, Security Emerging Technologies, Security Operations, Conducted Investigations, Law Enforcement Experience, Police Officer, Federal Law Enforcement, Who's Who in Security, Opportunities & Forecasting, etc...

UPDATE: Thank you, Chuck, for joining us again as we head into 2024. What is going on with CHUCK & Friends Of Chuck ( in 2024 in the USA and around the World? Catch us up!!!

Charles "Chuck" Andrews: First, Friends of Chuck (FOC) is offering a unique deal using the code FOC24BOARDROOM if your business, organization or YOU are interested in major media coverage on NBC, CBS, FOX and others. 

It's the best value out there! This is solely for the benefit of the FOC network and you can benefit from this unprecedented media coverage!  Click this link and use the above code to get your business, name and offerings out there! Ping Chuck on LinkedIn  for more information or feedback on this unique coverage! WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON CHUCK?

Charles "Chuck" Andrews: Well...

  • Friends of Chuck - TEXAS NIGHT 2023 at GSX ASIS International in Dallas, TX did not disappoint this year with 4,000 attendees! Security colleagues around the World continue to talk about it still, in security circles and events, on how FUN and NETWORKING this event was! This was an unprecedented event, it did not get better than having TEXAS NIGHT IN TEXAS! DID YOU ATTEND? Drop Chuck a note and let him know what your experience was? 
  • Friends of Chuck (FOC) Virtual SOCIALS will start on ZOOM in March this year and each month after,  watch for them to be posted on LinkedIN!!!! We are going to have to limit sessions with RSVP's to about 100 so we don't lose any strong relationship building and everyone can participate! We will also have a 10 minute guest speaker each month, from time to time to talk about SECURITY things, CAREER advice and other surprises! Follow Chuck on LinkedIN and RSVP quickly when the invitation drops to participate! #networking #jobs #securitysituationroom #vendorstuff #cigars #texaswhiskey #chathamhouserules 
  • YES, S.I.R. Book - want a signed copy of my book, then ping me on LI messaging and for each book purchased, you will get a free TX Ranger Coin or FOC coin, your choice! If your Security Organization, Group or Company is looking for a speaker, reach out to Chuck on his LinkedIn profile and he is open to discussing what you might be looking for? It’s truly a pleasure, and an honor, to chat with you today Chuck ! You are, arguably, one of the most well-known, most respected and most recognized personalities in the entire security industry. And now, you’ve added “Best-Selling Amazon Author” to your incredible list of immensely impressive credentials. Before we talk about your book, YES, S.I.R. , please share with our readers here an overview of your background and journey.


CLICK HERE to order YES, S.I.R.

Charles "Chuck" Andrews: I always knew what I wanted to do when I started as a Law Enforcement Police Explorer at the young age of 13 in TEXAS! For 6 years before turning 19 years-of-age when I became a Texas Peace Officer, I logged over 4,000 hours on patrol working with police officers on patrol, in the jail, communications, crime prevention and more learning the law enforcement trade. What I really learned was HUMAN BEINGS, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. In doing so, I learned that people (relationships) were the key to everything.....and this still holds true today in 2022 and beyond! As I worked my way thru the Law Enforcement field, I found myself quickly in the CRIME PREVENTION vertical working closely with citizens and businesses. It was clear to me that preventing crime was more important than reacting to it for all the obvious reasons, and the good-will and cooperation in developing RELATIONSHIPS was key to all of it, both short and long term for the good of the community. After completing a great career, I moved on to a Chief of Police role and then eventually fulltime in the private security industry as a CSO. While acting as a CSO, my network grew and I formed the Friends of Chuck (FOC) to harness more formally, with a brand, all things RELATIONSHIPS. It has now grown some 10 years later as the largest private network of security leaders and practitioners in the World....all driven by relationships! Today, you will find me sitting on Boards of companies inventing new technologies and innovations, investing in tomorrow's security innovation, using my YES, S.I.R. philosophy of Strategy to develop new companies, and acting as an Advisor to several companies on how to grow across the World. Today, I continue to work with the movers and shakers of industry with the end goal of "moving the needle" with security technology to improve products, people and purpose across the globe"  We read with great interest on Amazon, “Former Chief of Police and current Global Security Influencer, Charles “Chuck” Andrews knows a thing or two about building a career through networking. YES, S.I.R., will guide you through Chuck’s proven methods of using Strategy, Intelligence, and Relationships to become the ultimate security influencer.”

Please share with us, Chuck, what motivated you to write YES, S.I.R. and what are the most important benefits you hope that readers will “takeaway” from reading it?



order YES, S.I.R.

Charles "Chuck" Andrews: "Everybody wants to write a book and share their experiences, knowledge and expertise, at some point in life. I put it off for 20 years and regret that. Well, I finally stopped making excuses and finished it....but, with a twist to benefit others. In writing the book, the idea was to share what really worked for me so others could use the same formula to benefit them. But, as I said, there was a twist, to wit: Friends of Chuck (FOC) PUBLICATIONS! I wrote the book with the intent of starting another company to help others ALSO write a book. Writing a book is hard, time consuming and costly....this is why others are not writing books. So, I used YES, S.I.R as a test case to lower the barriers to success by developing a book-writing methodology for the Security, Law Enforcement and Military community at low cost, and ease of writing with a great team to support them! To date, in the first 3 months of the release of YES, S.I.R., 6 people have signed to do a book under the FOC Publications label!!!  #yeehaw    Encouraged by YES, S.I.R, well, Yes SIR you too can now have the help to literally assist you with writing a book and making it affordable. 

As for some of the takeaways with the book, you will find nuggets of gold with how to use LinkedIN as a powerful tool, why Maintenance is so critical and finally, Social Media should be used, well, correctly and consistently! There are many other benefits as well throughout the book, order one today and find out more!" Full disclosure, Chuck…our team here read the entire book, cover to cover. “YES, S.I.R.” is a great read about your incredible journey in the security space, starting at the age of seven (7), and through many life altering events…..some life-threatening, some life-saving events, and some very funny, touching and heart-warming stories as well. Let’s do a deep dive here into the Chapters of YES, S.I.R. Please give us a thumb-nail overview of the YES, S.I.R.  Chapters.

Charles "Chuck" Andrews:

Chapter 1 is called "Junior Pig", and for good reason. In the 1960's and 1970's police officers were called PIGS! It was a time of post-Vietnam protests and other civil unrest in the country. As such, as a police Explorer, well, we just became known as the Junior version of a PIG, thus a Junior Pig! My friends in school used to harass me about hanging out with the Cops and thus, they used the words often. I didn't really care, as I was a big kid and peer pressure didn't ever sway me from doing the right thing or change my behavior! 

Chapter 2 4,000 Hours and Then Some....I spent a lot of time on patrol way before I was a legal adult at the age of 18. If you're a LEO person, think of it as the World's longest FTO program! One of the things I mention in Chapter 2 is the time I spent with Clint Hackney, almost 2 years of riding solo with him. He wrote the Foreword in my book and helped me develop the unique skills necessary in becoming the best Public Servant (police officer) possible. Clint was responsible for my foundation as a police explorer, skills and lessons I still use today! 

Chapter 3 A Dark Truck at the ripe of age of 19 I became a TEXAS Peace Officer....the only real change was I strapped on a Model 19 .357, from being a Police Explorer and was acting now under color of Law as a Commissioned Peace Officer, to enforce the Texas Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure. Well, someone at 2AM wanted to end my career and life early, and I talk about that in the book. But not for my 4,000 hours as a Police Explorer and the training by Clint Hackney, I may not be typing this right now! Read all about it. 

Chapter 4 YES, S.I.R. and Building My Brand covers my career as a Crime Prevention Officer at the police department in Lafayette, Colorado as I left TEXAS and how I began to work in the security business as a Security Director in parallel with being a police officer in Colorado in the Pawn shop business. I go into some detail on all the things I did as a Crime Prevention Officer, and how I became both Crime Prevention Officer of the Year in Colorado and Globally! In order for me to better understand the needs of businesses as a Crime Prevention Officer, I entered the world of Security via ASIS International and became a certified CPP on my own dime. I start to attend conferences in the United States and Canada as well, and while there, I get to see all the products and services to help communities and businesses, as well as their shortcomings.....this is where I start to voice my experiences and ideas and thus, I started to find myself as an SME and Advisor for many of these companies in a consulting capacity. I also talk about my time as a consultant with the #1 reality TV show COPS, again, all driven by relationships. This opened many doors with very famous names from TV shows and others, like PONCH on Chips, John Walsh and others. Finally, I end with my return back to TEXAS as the Security Director for First Data Corp - TeleCheck, once again, all relationship driven! Following Chapter 4 are pictures I put in the book of my pay slip making $4.88 an hour as a police dispatcher as a Senior in High School, me at the age of 13 in my police explorer uniform and day one as a police officer at the age of 19, and even more! 

Chapter 5 is all about Friends Of Chuck (FOC), how it all started and what it has done to date! I discuss the FOC mantra and creed, as well. When you get the book, you will see clearly why it has been so successful in the security, law enforcement and military communities! For that matter, anyone! 

Chapter 6 is big! I pull together the main concept that ties this entire book together, to wit: S. = Strategy, I. = Intelligence, R. = Relationships! 

Chapter 7 takes on the first mantra of the FOC creed, DREAM BIG! Nobody should dream small, right? Lots of details are revealed on why this is an important mindset and the actions that should follow it! 

Chapter 8 is a continuation of the FOC mantra discussing the act of HAVING FUN! Don't get caught up in anything that is NOT fun because it's only a matter of time before you exit stage left for a working atmosphere or project that allows this freedom. Don't believe me? Read the book! 

Chapter 9 is the final FOC mantra, GETTING STUFF DONE! Who doesn't want to get stuff done and feel good about, contribute and/or make a difference. I share why this is important and HOW to make that happen! 

Chapter 10 we get into the actual pieces of S.I.R, starting with the S. = Strategy! This is the brain of the operation, without good strategy in all you do, you will fail! I reveal all the secrets and best practices to help others be the best influencer they can be. 

Chapter 11 we get into the I. = Intelligence part of S.I.R. This is a critical feed and plays into both Strategy and R. = Relationships (Chapter 12). The book reveals just how important Intel actually is in our industry, work and goals! 

Chapter 12 is the R. = Relationships, the most important part of the whole book!!!! I'm going to leave you hanging and tell you that if you want to know HOW best to find, keep and grow the most important part of your life and career, get the book and leverage what I share! ;) 

We end with Chapter 12, but there is more......on page 88 you can scan with the camera on your cell phone the FOC App, the QR code! Stay in touch with Friends of Chuck, and all it's resources and me with this APP on IOS or Android. Finally, you will find a BIO and all my social media info to stay connected with me. In particular, if you're not connected on LinkedIn with me, please do so now! 

Connect With Charles “CHUCK” Andrews On LinkedIn We’ve been talking this far about the security industry but it seems to us that YES, S.I.R., and especially the parts about building relationships and networks, have much broader appeal for any businessman or businesswoman in any vertical. Care to elaborate?

Charles "Chuck" Andrews: Indeed, you would be correct. Though I focus YES, S.I.R. for the Security Industry, Law Enforcement and Military can and would apply across all industries because RELATIONSHIPS are the nexus of all of it. If you read this book and apply it as a car salesman, HR person, retail sales, or anyone for that matter, RELATIONSHIPS apply and thus, it's learnings, lessons and best practices will only help you be more successful in your World. Pick up a copy on Amazon today, it's a $19.99 investment in you and your future. Let’s talk about Friends Of Chuck (FOC) for a moment.

Friends of Chuck

One will read on www.FriendsOfChuck.Com, that, “Friends Of Chuck (FOC) is a professional security network group that exists for the purposes of networking, locating employment, exchanging business opportunities, discovering new emerging security technologies and sharing the information that FOC members like you, your companies and your organization need to know! The FOC is an extensively broad network of 100,000+ Friends Of Chuck security professionals across the globe. The common connection is that you know CHUCK and CHUCK knows you!” 

A network of over 100,000 globally! I realize you do things BIG is Texas !!  100,000 is really BIG !!!  Please share with us the incredible evolution and growth of FOC !

Charles "Chuck" Andrews: I'm from TEXAS, no explanation necessary, right? LOL....well, I've been collecting RELATIONSHIPS (business cards) since the early 1970's as a kid. I have a few remarkable ones as well I could mention. With the help of MySpace, Facebook and now LinkedIn, this made it all possible to reach these numbers, globally. I built a unique database that helps me manage Friends of Chuck, as well! 

It's not the gathering that is critical here, but it is the MAINTENANCE of those relationships that is key. This is where the hard work begins, and never ends. In my book, I strongly share the importance and criticality of "maintenance", something that society, people and businesses regularly FAIL. I recognized this delta a long time ago thanks to my Dad and ensure it's relevance in all that I do. I contribute a large part of my success to "maintenance" as well. The books spells it out...   Any success stories you care to mention here about the unique and powerful effectiveness of your network?

Charles "Chuck" Andrews: There is one particular story that puts the power of RELATIONSHIPS into context, let me share.....I was at a security conference a few years ago, it was the year that Puerto Rico got wiped out by a Hurricane. After walking all day, I think my phone said 10 miles that day on the conference show floor, I was walking back late to my hotel room as the conference center and the hotel were connected. Because my cowboy hat is my "moniker" and "beacon of friendship" you can see it from afar......true story! It's the only real black-colored 20X hat for sure out of the 20,000 attendees! 

Well, this gentleman who apparently knew me by reputation in industry as Friends of Chuck was yelling at me to talk, and needed a few minutes of my time. I was truly exhausted, but as I always do, I make the time for's what I do! He started to tell me the story of how their huge security contract was in jeopardy due to the lack of resources to get into Puerto Rico. Of course, its plane or boat, pick walking or driving to Puerto Rico! In short, he said he could not find a boat or plane to move people, resources, equipment and more as all the resources had dried up with others also doing the same thing.  I told him I would make a few phone calls......2 hours later, a C130 was landing at an undisclosed location to load-up......and then off they went to save the contract with supplies, people and resources. What is the value of this? How did I do this? Again, it was all about the R = RELATIONSHIPS! If you get my book, YES, S.I.R., the letter R will tell you all about it. As we look ahead into the balance of 2022 and 2023, what are some of the events and speaking engagements that you, and FOC, will be participating in, and who are some of your key sponsors?

Charles "Chuck" Andrews: The largest and longest running Friends of Chuck (FOC) event over the last 8 years is the infamous TEXAS NIGHT! The night before the opening of each ASIS GSX, Texas Night has been a long standing tradition, without cost to attendees! The intent of Texas Night is to gather everyone under the banner of FRIENDSHIPS to network, and to select various vendors to demonstrate their goods and services....particularly those who are cutting edge with innovation in technology. It has been meet with great success and going into ASIS GSX 2023 in Dallas, TEXAS, we will experience the BIGGEST Texas Night to date at the infamous and #1 venue in Dallas TX - GILLEYS! With almost 100,000 square feet, it will be TEXAS epic by scale, talent, entertainment and more! Put September 10th, 2023, Sunday at 6pm on your calendars and make your reservations for hotel/flight, now! 

Secondly, you will see me, the FOC, doing more book signings and speaking engagements at ASIS Chapters and conferences. Since the release of YES, S.I.R. on September 11th, 2022 at Texas Night - ASIS GSX Atlanta, GA.....I've attended 5 conferences around the globe signing my book and making appearances. If you would like to consider me for a book signing at your Booth at a conference, or speaking with the book at any event, please reach out to me on LinkedIn and send me a message! 

Connect With Charles “CHUCK” Andrews On LinkedIn We also understand Chuck that you serve as an advisor to several companies as a member of their Board of Directors and Advisory Boards.  Please tell us more!

Charles "Chuck" Andrews: I do a lot of things in the Security Industry, from equity ownership of various corporations and Intellectual Property, to BOD roles and/or Advisory roles. Again, all relationship driven. Why do people and companies value what I have to say, it's because of who I know (relationships) and what I "see" and have experienced in our security industry! Using the principles of S.I.R. in my YES, S.I.R. book as a global influencer, I find myself being offered several board roles every month! Literally! But, this is not about money, this is about quality, credibility and reputation. One of the things you should know about me is that when I have a discussion about an Advisory or Board role, I bring out the uncomfortable discussion of two words, something you should do as well..... CONTEXT & CLARITY! Over 90% of discussions don't start and end with CONTEXT & CLARITY on what deliverables and expectations are on all sides of the equation. It's hard for people to do. Doing this puts you in and a client/partner on a path of clarity, and agreement. This is exactly what you want when working with Relationships, to maintain the relationship! Let’s turn to the current security environment for a moment. The world we live in has certainly changed quite a bit: the breakdown of law & order in some parts of the country, political unrest, violence where we work, shop, and send our kids to schools, non-stop cybersecurity threats, and other issues are, unfortunately, headline news all the time.

As a former Police Officer, with a background and hands-on experience that is second to none in the security space, please share with us about your thoughts about “best practices” that leaders in public and private enterprises should be implementing in this unprecedented high-risk environment.

Charles "Chuck" Andrews: Public law enforcement leadership is currently in a crisis today as a result of several events that have unfolded in communities across the country. That said, LEO leadership is going to have to change how they DELIVER COMMUNITY POLICE RESPONSE to their customers (citizens)! A non-trusting public, coupled with law enforcement talent leaving in masses, further combined with defunding the police, all added by non-fully staffed LEO agencies who cannot recruit and hire enough people to meet minimal staffing requirements all makes for one giant mess where-in, in the end, as it ironically turns out, it is the public that loses! As a result, crime is on the rise and will continue to do so until such time society has had enough collectively, or enough media attention is directed onto certain types of crimes and/or victims so heinous as to shock the conscience of the community to act out for immediate action or changes! This is unfortunate, but true and accurate.

How do we fix it? LEO leadership is going to have to do several things, not just one thing, to turn policing in their communities into practices acceptable by their customers (citizens) and gain their support in order to more effectively police their communities in the form of Crime Prevention and Criminal Apprehension! I have several thoughts on how to make that happen, as both a police officer, field commander, crime prevention officer and Chief of Police. But, that will be another book one day and there is not enough space to write down all the best practices, today, that I would like to share. 

From a Security perspective, LEO leadership will need to start making a concerted effort to work more closely with the security industry and the use of security technology. Why? Today, given the state of Law Enforcement effectiveness in communities, the security industry is actually taking over some law enforcement "duties" to prevent crime, document crime and identify suspects for apprehension. Technology in the security field has out-paced LEO in such a way that private industry is seeing better results using security technology to both prevent, document and react to crime! In some cities, you actually have armed security officers in what look like patrol cars (you would not know the difference) responding to venues, businesses, buildings, homes and properties for alarms, burglaries, armed robberies, persons crimes, trespassing and much more. LEO traditionally handled these type calls, now security technology is either pro-actively stopping these crimes before or when they happen with lights, sirens, cameras and voice-downs (actually talking to criminals before they commit the crime or as it is occurring) or as I said, also responding to the crimes for their clients. This is a growing business, and with no sight of LEO able to recruit and hire to fill their roles in a society where LE is currently frowned upon, unfortunately, and talent is exiting in mass, the security business will grow! Thus, one of the many reasons why LEO needs to work more closely with the security industry in their respective jurisdictions across the country for all the obvious reasons. 

Cyber Security will continue to get the most attention and funding to combat as the WWW (I call it the Wild Wild West) was not designed with security in mind. It is porous by architecture and given enough time and resources, it's only a matter of WHEN before you are HACKED! If you're an average citizen in the USA and you use your cell phone or the Internet, Wifi, really have no clue how complicated digital security really is. For that matter, you have probably been compromised and don't even know it? Even if you were aware of a compromise, what can you really do to fix it in a world where the mathematics around coding and hacking are so deep and wide, thus requiring a PhD, time, money and resources....what could you do about it cost effectively? Really, nothing in the end. It's true! 

Have you ever gotten a letter that says your PII, Medical Records or just your Information was hacked and it says, "we are very sorry........" and they give you a free subscription to monitor your personal info for one-year as restitution? We all have. Does this really work? Not from my perspective. You see, not only don't you have recourse, but getting "hacked" as it turns out is just another profit center for cyber companies to profit. It's the gift that keeps giving, to be honest. They won't tell you that, but this is also true. That is why as the world becomes more connected on more devices, and you are forced without exception to digital ONLY interface, transactions and day-to-day business, equally, the risk rises for compromise. As we move into the future, you will have less and less CHOICES ....even today, you can't attend most events without mobile entry, others, you cannot use CASH, CHECK or CC (card present)? Again, more reasons why Cyber security will be a huge business, now and forever! This is where I also tell you investing in Cyber is a smart move!! Thank you again for joining us today, Chuck, we look forward to more updates from you in the near future !

Friends of Chuck - FOC