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Carbon Motors

In The Boardroom With...

Mr. William Santana Li
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Carbon Motors Thank you for joining us today, Bill. Please give us an overview of your background and a brief history of Carbon Motors.

William Santana Li: Carbon Motors Corporation is a bold, new homeland security company on a critical mission to design, develop, manufacture, distribute, service, and recycle at end-of-life, the world’s first purpose-built law enforcement patrol vehicle. For the last several years we have worked with over 800 law enforcement agencies across the country in all 50 US States to better understand what they need, want, and desire. We synthesized that input and it became the major driver for the design of the Carbon E7. The ‘fingerprints’ of thousands of law enforcement professionals are all over the vehicle! The Carbon management team brings together a seasoned group of executives with significant experience in startups, brand, marketing, design, engineering, manufacturing, and finance. Additionally, we have also established an experienced and distinguished Advisory Board and Board of Directors comprised of respected authorities in local and national politics, homeland security, law enforcement, and business management (biographies for the entire leadership are available at These are serious times for the country and we need serious people to deliver a serious product for our over 800,000 first responders across the nation. We understand that the Carbon E7 has been designed to provide the highest levels of officer protection using world-class technologies and processes. Please tell us about the unique features of your purpose-built law enforcement patrol vehicle.

William Santana Li: The Carbon E7 will deliver world-class performance coupled to unparalleled safety while lowering the total lifecycle costs and thereby reducing taxpayer burden. It has a 300 hp, 420 ft-lb torque clean diesel engine mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission that will propel the car 0 – 60 mph in less than 6.5 seconds and reach a governed top speed of 155 mph all while providing a 40% reduction in fuel expenditures. It has a fully-integrated cockpit with our own On-Board Rapid Command Architecture (ORCA), purpose-built seats, redundant manual and voice controls, WMD threat detection capability, automatic license plate recognition system, night time vision capability, and, yes the rumors are true – it has heated and cooled cup holders. Additionally, the vehicle will be designed for a 250,000 mile durability specification, meet all the federally mandated safety standards, and have 75 mph rear crash capability. What is the size of your target market and what is your perspective on the market drivers for Carbon Motors solutions at this time?

William Santana Li: Our initial focus is on our homeland but there is significant export potential. There are over 450,000 law enforcement patrol vehicles across the country. We now sit 7 years since 9-11 and our first responders still do not have the appropriate level of equipment to secure our communities. The fire department, hospitals, military, trash collectors, and postal workers all have purpose-built solutions and our own 800,000+ women and men in uniform are securing our homeland in a vehicle designed in the 1970s as a retail passenger car meant for Sunday drives and going to the grocery store – which, to add insult to injury, is not even manufactured in the USA. This is not acceptable. Please tell us about your Board and Management team.

William Santana Li: It is the ‘been there done that’ team. Our head of strategy and capital formation is Andy Savarie. He’s led the automotive investment banking efforts at Morgan Stanley, Banc of America Securities, and Bear Stearns. Trevor Rudderham, our head of product development, has delivered both an all-new engine program ($500 million program) and an all-new vehicle as chief engineer ($1.5 billion program). Our chief production officer, Alan Bratt, has personally 9 assembly plants all over the world and our CFO, Keith Marchiando, is a seasoned executive having been group finance director at Dow Chemical and CFO of publicly-traded $2 billion automotive supplier. I am a former Ford Motor Company executive with significant corporate, intrapreneurial, and entrepreneurial experiences across the automotive spectrum.

Our Advisory Board is comprised of Governor Tom Ridge (former Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security and two-time governor of Pennsylvania), Lee Hamilton (former vice-chair of the 9/11 commission) and Dr. Lee Brown (President Clinton’ drug czar and former NYC police commissioner). I am the Chairman of the Board and we have two outside independent directors. Steve Delaney is a seasoned former CEO of Celestica (an $8 billion, 48,000 employee contract manufacturer of electronics) and Alan Howard led the automotive investment banking efforts at Credit Suisse and sits on the Board of Movado Group. What is the goal and objective of the Carbon Council?

William Santana Li: Carbon Motors is both the manufacturer and the retailer of the product which gives us a tremendous opportunity to directly interact with our customers. To date, over 2,800 law enforcement professionals from across the country helped design the Carbon E7. The role of the Carbon Council is to provide guidance, advice, and interact directly with the Carbon team. From the design of the product, the service, to even the location of the Carbon Campus we have sought and received Carbon Council input. Thanks again for joining us today, Bill. Are there any other subjects you’d like to discuss?

William Santana Li:We are presently negotiating with 5 US States regarding the location of the Carbon Campus which will house the headquarters, research & development, production, showroom, call center, service training, and vehicle evaluation circuit. The Carbon E7 represents 10,000 new direct and indirect American jobs. We look forward to hearing what the leadership of Michigan, Indiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia have to say about the need to support or our law enforcement first responders, the creation of thousands of American jobs, and a company that is addressing the issues in an environmentally responsible manner. We are looking for a genuine public / private partnership with a state and community that understands this is the time to innovate our way out of a national crisis.