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Ms. Catherine Rawcliffe
Head of eID Team
ACI Worldwide
Nasdaq:TSAI Thank you for joining us today, Cath. Please give us an overview of your background and your role at ACI.

Catherine Rawcliffe: Thank you for the invitation Martin. I been with ACI for over nine years in the role of Sales Manager across Central Europe, recently Marketing manager for EMEA and now heading up the new business development in the electronic identity arena. During this time I have worked across Italy, Germany, Benelux, Austria, Malta, Spain, Portugal, Middle East and Northern Africa. Prior to ACI I worked for ICL and Siemens in sales and delivery management roles in Government computing. From my University studies I have a BSC degree in Mathematics and Computing and a postgraduate CPA in Law. I'm just heading off for a week skiing in Val D'Isere, one of my major sporting pursuits, during which time I can indulge another passion, partaking in fine French Champagne. From your perspective, what are the key marketdrivers for the Secure ID market at this time?

Catherine Rawcliffe: Governments and companies are seeking to improve the certainty that an individual is who they say they are. This is prompted by increase in identity theft and resultant fraud, accompanied by worldwide concern regarding the threat of terrorism. A further driver is the continuing shift to on-line eServices for governments and eCommerce increases for business. As fraud is combated in the 'physical world', it has moved to the virtual world and hence the need to digitally verify an individual very securely. One will read on that, "ACI's approach to managing identity documents is based on the firm understanding that each stage of a document's lifecycle, from issuance to revocation/expiry/renewal, represents a significant event." Please tell us about ACI's eID solution.

Catherine Rawcliffe: The first and one of the most crucial stages in managing identity documents is the enrolment or registration process. If you are to rely on the digital identity, you need to ensure that you have thorough processes when you first gather biographical data and link this with biometric details. Background confirmation of the validity of the data and the match to public registers is essential. As you subsequently issue a smart ID token to a person you need to be able to interact and manage the token and applications through the life or lifecycle. This is very much the same process as managing a PC network or a single PC. You don't want to issue the ID document and then forget about it.

For border control, citizen or company ID, throughout the life of a Smart document you have to be able to add, revoke, update or suspend functions. This is where ACI's eID Smart Chip Management solutions ensure that you can fully manage all of the data, applications and security features, as well as
providing the right business processes and data checks at the start of the enrolment. This end to end, chip and application management is where the benefits arise. Smart Chip Manger is a multiapplication smart card life-cycle management solution designed to control every aspect of the smart card life cycle and the applications that reside on the card - including issuance, suspension and resumption, and cancellation. Smart Chip Manager is based on a multi-issuer, multichannel and multiapplication smart card management systems architecture, and the solution manages the complete workflow within such a card scheme including post-issuance services. We are agnostic over Chip, operating system and this protects the value to our clients for the long term as new technology is supported as it becomes available.

Many organizations have embarked on approaches that just focus on issuing secure tokens. It has quickly become apparent that this is not sufficient and indeed whole batches of Chip cards have needed to be re-issued in a number of circumstances. It is unfortunate as it not only wastes money, it also impacts industry confidence. Are there any success stories in the Government ID market you would like to talk about?

Catherine Rawcliffe: The project to introduce Chip based ID documents within the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) always stands out as it addresses all of the challenges that we have seen governments wishing to solve.

Within the HKSAR the requirements was for an advanced, highly secure ID card for Hong Kong citizens. The project SMARTICS (Smart Identity Cards System) is a showcase for e-Government and smart ID cards using the MULTOS secure smart card operating system. Not only do these cards contain the highest levels of platform and printing security, but they also contain on-card applications for biometrics, global PIN and e-Certificates, and these applications can be extended post-issuance.

This is a large deployment, nearing seven million cards, that addresses multiple areas; citizen services, border control, eGovernment and eCommerce secure services. The ongoing management of the cards by ACI's software, enables additional applications post issuance. The driving license addition is a consideration for the near future.

Among the many awards and acknowledgements the Immigration Department and its SMARTICS have received, the renowned jury at CardTech SecurTech awarded SMARTICS the "Smart Card Breakthrough Implementation" in 2004, and the ImmD won the top prize at the Asia/Pacific Information and Communications Technology Awards 2005 in the category of "e-Government and Services." Is ACI involved in any of the high profile U.S. Government projects such as CAC or TWIC?

Catherine Rawcliffe: ACI is involved in projects to implement security requirements of the US Government for its employees and contractors, to secure personal identification to mandated Government standards. It's early days however we are delighted to be working in this area. Watch this space. The convergence of network security and physical security systems is a major goal for end-users. How does ACI address this issue?

Catherine Rawcliffe: ACI software offers secure authentication and authorization of transactions and our software may support various chip-based or card-based security systems however, ACI does not develop or sell physical infrastructure solutions. ACI helps customers achieve convergence through an end-to-end solution set which ultimately creates a more secure enterprise payments system. Please give us an overview of the fraud detection capabilities in the ACI Risk Management Suite and an overview of the authentication capabilities in the ACI Payment Engine Suite.

Catherine Rawcliffe: ACI Proactive Risk Manager™ is a comprehensive fraud detection solution to help card issuers, merchants, acquirers and financial institutions combat fraud schemes and detect money laundering. From strategic user-defined rules to powerful neural network technology using custom modeling techniques, Proactive Risk Manager provides the means to cost-effectively reduce losses and limit an organization's risk exposure.

Proactive Risk Manager for Enterprise Risk helps institutions fight identity theft and account takeover, two of the fastest-growing crimes. By monitoring account activity across all lines of business, Proactive Risk Manager enables users to see more fraudulent activity in a shorter amount of time, minimizing losses and helping to preserve the customer relationship

BASE24-eps® is an integrated payment engine to acquire, authenticate, route, switch, and authorize financial transactions across multiple channels. It represents the next-generation implementation of ACI's world-class payments platform, drawing on nearly 30 years experience in payments software. With BASE24-eps, ACI is investing to bring the best in functionality and fundamentals to an open systems environment, with a unique "enterprise services" architecture that allows users to improve profitability, enhance customer service and improve time to market.

BASE24-eps provides a full range of functionality to support payment transactions - both the traditional transactions that institutions manage today (branch transactions, debit and credit at the ATM and point of sale, or telephone banking) as well as the transactions of the future (mobile commerce and Internet banking). The product is Triple DES compliant and supports all leading payment cards and offers standard interfaces to leading devices, switches and host systems. ACI's fault-tolerant application software takes advantage of the best in systems software for reliability, availability, scalability and high performance transaction throughput. Let's turn to the enterprise verticals for a moment. We understand that you have recently opened a New York City office and that ACI has many impressive "wins" in the financial vertical. Please give our audience an overview of one or two success stories in the financial space.

Catherine Rawcliffe: We are continuing to have success in the financial space. A good example is Royal Bank of Canada who has selected ACI Smart Chip Manager' to provide the foundation for its planned migration to chip technology for debit and credit cards. RBC chose Smart Chip Manager as its foundation for initial chip card issuance for market trials, beginning with internal trials in late 2007 and as a future platform for launching innovative payment card products using chip technology.

Another recent success for ACI is Lloyds TSB, one of the UK's largest banks, who will implement an enhanced version of BASE24-eps® software that meets the UK's new Faster Payments Service requirements. BASE24-eps for Faster Payments will provide Lloyds TSB with a flexible, feature-rich gateway for linking to the central Faster Payments infrastructure being built by Immediate Payments Limited (the joint venture between LINK and Voca). The gateway will ease the implementation of Faster Payments by helping Lloyds TSB integrate with its existing payment hub and reduce the overall cost and effort to participate.

A full list of announcements is available at the ACI website: What resources such as case studies, webinars and education services are available for end-users on

Catherine Rawcliffe: As well as the recent announcements we have a full range of papers addressing industry trends and case studies covering the full product set.

The ACI website is also a useful place to find information on the many industry events that we participate in all over the world throughout the year.

ACI's customers can sign up for extensive training and coursework on our distributed products. Courses offer complete user and technical training, covering all aspects of operation and use. Each course is supplemented with hands-on lab work, enabling students to operate actual product functions. Courses are scheduled throughout the year at ACI education facilities around the world. The courses can also be conducted at the customer's work site by request.

Case studies are available at the following URL